friday 13/07/2012

Unless they changed it, the goal is simply gain 100 pillz. I did it with a Morphun/Piranas deck in less than an hour. The wiki site is accurate.

Ok boys and girls the thread has wandered into predict the next Cr territory. Continue your discussion in your guild message boards or in pms.

thursday 12/07/2012

Wow, So many ways xD, I'll try doing DT then when have enough money i might try to buy cards at low prices smiley
Thanks for the time guys smiley

All the artwork on Urban Rivals is good and its getting better and better. Though some like Lost Hog show there age.

Sending a message to support with you suggestion means it gets to the correct people at Urban Rivals.

The basic pack is good for new players who want to get cards to increase there collection/deck but don't have many credits.

Well, one thing's for sure boy, don't use Berzerk + Hugo, that deck has no chance of winning a DT.

I think that you should go with CrazyCookie's advice. smiley

No offense: But you are going to need a lot more time before you can join an event, especially a publicized one

wednesday 11/07/2012

@DeepEnd: I like that idea! That's the sort of thing I was getting at. New players simply need something that evens the playing field, at least a little bit... Maybe the special packs could have a slightly increased chance of yielding rare and uncommon cards, as well?

Having to fight cards that are better than yours is, of course, a normal part of any CCG... But in situations where victory is primarily determined by draw, much of the appeal of the game is lost.

tuesday 10/07/2012

If they keep this speed up, Andy won't be available next time before May 2014. I think there's some change to the pattern up ahead.

Standard allows you to play against different decks then you would if you played in Extended. The different types are there mainly to add veriety.

If a Legendary Mission dosn't state a clan to use then you can use any clan.

monday 09/07/2012

Guild reduces the tax

High damage cards/clans can help a lot with the KO mission and a Kolos/ General Cr cobo can make it very easy lol.

If you get more then 1 top 150 you still only get 1 chance to win so the % chance is a bit higher due to players getting into the top 150 more then once.

sunday 08/07/2012

Well if spyke is banned i would prefer fei if spyke is unbanned go with heitachi

saturday 07/07/2012

Sentinel, obviously. But half decks with Pussycats are great too smiley

Actually there are reasons for him to pill on Lost Hog. I wouldn't have furied, but nonetheless putting 1 or 2 pills is a decent option when Windy Mor is on the field. A good player would know that any player would simply put 0 on Windy Mor to stop the OHKO. Well, I can play 10 or 15 attack on Lost Hog and deal 8 damage for almost no cost.

It's not practical, especially in ELO mode, but it is plausible.

Wouldn't fury ojibway tho.

friday 06/07/2012

Denise is now slyde smiley

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