thursday 03/05/2012

Any tips on playing it then? Anything can help at this point.

tuesday 01/05/2012

FIghting fire with fire is exactly what i DONT want to do. I don't want to play stupid 40 star decks. I don't want to use ambre. I don't want the match preditermined before either person plays a card. I play this game because I enjoy the intricacies of thinking, calculating, and putting myself in the opponent's place. What I don't want to do is show up with a deck of 5 shann, 2 blaaster cr, and an ambre. I could do that in fight club, but i don't. I don't want free wins, I want to play to earn the win, and enjoy doing so, and learn from my mistake. If I wanted a game that has predetermined wins, I'd play war (the stupid card game) by myself, and save the bandwidth.

Grudj, wolfgang, Olga Noel and esmeralda/wonald make a decent half deck. Couple that with a jungo half of Askai, rodney, mindy and pegh and you'd have a decent deck with good power, DR, and plenty of attack manip for around 10k.

Its probally due to you useing a deck with a number of *s that not many other people use (or you have a bad internet conection).

Mono freaks is quite good, WITH SPLASH CARDS

Snowflake or Akendram

monday 30/04/2012

Beltran is one of those rare cards that I dislike whenever I see him. He's the roots equivalent of arkn...

I reckon it's a error..

Or maybe a hacker

Check this:

Both Hugo and Morphun are great with Junkz. If you want to play extended deff use gil and rowdy,
here are the cards i like best, just fit them into a deck yourself, or use other cards you like
2*: Gil, Flanagan. veenyle cr, Dreen
3*: Tremorh, Jiro, Lolly, Onik, stiko
4*: Rowdy, Qubik, Gibson, Eebiza
5*: Haze, Fuzz, Peeler (for high *-count deck gamemodes), Maazk, neil, Taham

As you see I think junkz have lots of good options for every level, Just pick the ones you like.

sunday 29/04/2012

Extra solo missions can be bought on PC via the solo missions menu , click the right arrow (after completing all of the first missions) then buy a set for 20 credits. Although it may seem like a lot of credits, the rewards for completing them with a t1 deck are immense. Also, the computer has never timed out for me, but took around 9 minutes to take a turn.

For the record, dont tag yourself as a "NOOB", you are just destroying your image. "NEWB" is better.

Yeah interesting, it says deleted.

saturday 28/04/2012

Tier-listing,as in personal opinion I hope...
1.1.La Junta
2.La Junta
3.La Junta
4.La Junta
1.All stars

friday 27/04/2012

I like nightmare.

thursday 26/04/2012

Well thats because his name isnt X-Odus, its X-0DUS, its not the letter o its the number 0

wednesday 25/04/2012

Bonus points r additional battle points 4 getting a certain place (battle points, or bp, r 2 lvl up)
Missions r bragging rights, u cant do anything with them, they r just 4 show. u get them 4 by finishing missions (if u didnt know)

You're not wrong what you think smiley

Ok. Use Jeena, arno, yookie and ataoualpet then don't pill on them.
Just lose the rounds for the cards mentioned.

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