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saturday 25/09/2010

If you enter a good guild that holds competitive ELO events, your game can improve a lot. I consider joining a guild one of the essential components of this game anyways.

friday 24/09/2010

deleted R & C please.

You probably won't have to worry about Roots next week. It looks like Lou is getting a ban, and Noodile and Rico are getting temp bans.

You might see them in the half deck, but almost certainly not in mono.

I'll be interested to see what happens to GHEIST next week.


This deck is very useful it helped me alot. It got me 1150 - 1300 ELO

thursday 23/09/2010

Another Great Budget Deck

Awesome ELO deck in less than 10k. smiley
Rate and comment! smiley

Yes. But surprisingly Oshitsune didn't get a temp ban.


Uranus (Murray if she's banned)

There's no reason not to put Sigma and Muze in the same deck, they actually work well together. And I hate noemismiley She's weak against both attack manips and SOAs, which means there's like a 25% chance she'll be any use in a game.

Yeah azgroth is hard to beat but against low powered attack manip cards he gets pwnt (like rowdy). I like gibson alot more cuz his +8 attack helps in lower pill battles.

Skiner for mono since his power is so low that he can not afford losing the bonus.
dayton for half. But tbh he is not so good at all.

Logically you'ld look for the 2 best clans that each have 3-4 really good/great 3* characters.

jungo - radek, nyema, scopia, jalil/hysterix?
pussy - muze, neomi, betty, candice
sarkohm - murray, uranus, corrina, sigma
freaks - olga, boris, akendram, olga noel
lajunta - trish, jane ramba, archibald, bruce?
montana - mona, milovan, sharon, gianfranco/ottavia?
roots - jeena, rico, noodile, yookie
skeelz - chiara, praxie, sandro, danae/cley?
ulu - gaia, george, nanook, janice/kirk?
vortex - deea, sunder, kobalth, cblade

sure the other clans might have a really good 3star (levi, pan, etc.) but not enough of them to put together a viable all-3* lineup (imo).

@ CockCock - Yeah, pretty much. The Cats & Vortex are kinda meh without their abilities.

@RedPopsicle - Better advice than most people, most people just say "X card to Y card" and rarely ever got beyond that. But, unfortunately, you're just preaching to the choir. I already know what this deck is capable of. But it's the thought that counts, so thanks anyways. smiley

wednesday 22/09/2010

I haven't seen Rowdy banned for a couple of weeks now, and that was part of the staple clan bans.

Ulu Watu + Vortex

Got a shiny new Dagg smiley

Trying this deck out right now. Been going well, I suppose. I never liked ELO on weekdays, and I'm still getting used to Ulu Watu.

tuesday 21/09/2010


Rate and comment. smiley

DJ shax, that's not really what the OP asked for. smiley

I see nothing wrong with that deck, Razvan. I'd go with Stanly or Hikiyousan before Lulabee, but that's just preference. smiley

Well, they took both of them from the election now.

Hmm Ulu and Uppers.

I'd say Gaia lvl 1 and then Wendel to Oxen.

I honestly dislike wendel as for some reason when ever you need that SoA it is never your turn to play.

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