tuesday 26/06/2012

You are aware this thread is from 4 years ago, right? Do you even read the date, or just necro?

monday 25/06/2012

As Duessel WMD said:


Been done before. 3xShann + Willy wins even with all new releases.

For 2hko bangers, all stars, fang pi and junta work very good.
Some pill manip can work wonders to.
You could also just slap jackie and grakx in one deck and it will be very hard to go wrong. smiley
Or montanas to simply overpower.

Really Uppers can really back up just about any clan.

If you want to play a 25 star gamemode, uppers have a few good 3 and 4 star characters to choose from but there level 2 characters are not standing out. so look for a clan with good 2*'s.

sunday 24/06/2012

I think you lose more.

saturday 23/06/2012

Still playtesting the cards you guys suggested and i am getting the hang of how to play the cards...

grakks won't be sold... yet smiley

friday 22/06/2012

If a card dosn't have a bonus then + attack is better because it dosn't have a minimum.

Well there's more stuff to necro so logically yeah i guess

Depends on your style, I like Desmond over Donnie, he's more reliable (and I don't like losing a round for an ability, I try to 2HKO in the first 2 rounds) And Gianfranco is also more reliable than Sharon. SOA hits both and Gianfranco has more damage. And if it doesn't? SOB doesn't touch him. And with Nightmare and Piranas being popular, it helps a lot.

thursday 21/06/2012

Ok, it was a little confusion. I was talking about the date on the little purple square under the PLAY ! button. There the date is MM/DD/YYYY ( 07/08/2012 )

While on the missions page it clearly says DD/MM/YYYY ( 08/07/2012 ). Mixing two types of date is confusing and I think as amethal, DD/MM/YYYY makes more sense. Or even YYYY/MM/DD.

wednesday 20/06/2012

Sorry if i was a bit confusing but I think klawz would get the leader bonus because her ability happens after the leaders ability.

I think.

@hopefo:thats the catch im unsure of...
i have a stupid gut feeling that yayoi or charlie just might make cr...

@shoebox:well yeah smileysmiley
i just want advice/conformation on whether it would be a good thing to go on with smiley

Usally for elite packs i do frozn vortex nightmare and any other clan i want more cards in

tuesday 19/06/2012

Did this really have to be necroed.

You can get very very lucky and win her as a large mission reward.

Kristin, Baba and even Spycee can shut most things down.

Speaking of pagents, I'll be starting the Mr. Clint City one early July.

monday 18/06/2012

Mayby you could try the freaks, excellent bluffers, with some high dmg or +life cards on the other half deck
or this deck: ice cold ladie Kalindra ELO

sunday 17/06/2012

Damage = opp damage always copy the basic number printed on the card, before any modification
so if you have la junta VS 4 damage card, and your opp has +3 damage (shogunn) you will only copy 4 damage, not 7 damage
the same applies with copy opp bonus too

as you can see, you will only copy 4 damage and +2 damage from la junta bonus which makes you have 6 damage
your opp will have 4 damage +2 damage from copy opp bonus which also makes them have 6 damage

Moon Steevens could be 25 and if Charlie had her when she was 18 Charlie would be late 30s but i suspect shes early - mid 40s.

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