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thursday 16/09/2010

I had a better look the name was taken in a different style so to be fair i have republished under a different name.



Well the comments were appreaciated any more?

wednesday 15/09/2010

Put it this way, Piranhas aren't really the massive damage types so any protection from massive damage is invaluable. Therefore Ulrich for the win smiley

@Ike Harris

This is about 'Timeouts', not 'Abandoning'.

Abandoning a match is fine and doesn't result in a negative score to your Fair Play.

Timing-out is not fine if it's a continuous tactic.

15% time-outs must be the result of poor sportsmanship unless you have the absolute worst internet connection on the planet. If the latter then you're going to have a very hard time getting anywhere in the game; if the former you really should play fair or many people are not going to want to interact with you

This is my first elo deck ive made just now starting the game im only level 12 trying to be able to play please give me suggestions thanks.

Graff 2 Stars
Loocio 3 Stars
Massive 2 Stars
Fifty 5 Stars
Spiaghi 2 Stars
Edd 5 Stars
Sharon 3 Stars
Simon 3 Stars

Tell me what you think thanks


Please rate and comment. A little help would go a long way. Thank you. smiley

Wondering if i can get advice on this deck, it's my first time playing with seriously with roots, thanks


(and in case i did that wrong)

I'm playing Piranas right now. I'm seeing a bunch of Rescue, typically with Cliff in Sledg's spot. I've seen a few GHEIST halves, but not as much as I'd expect. Some random Skeelz are out there too.

What's seeing the most of are Junkz and Bangers, both in halves and mono.

What he said. I don't think I've ever lost a round to GHEIST when I'm playing Roots. No matter what the hands turn out to be. Its just amazing how badly SoA actually hurts GHEIST.

This deck is not bad at all. The cards you selected are good ones.
The only problem is that your strategy is pretty straightforward: hit with the big cards (rowdy and stanley) and defend with the rest.
So to confuse the opponent more I would change veenyle to tremorh, and janice to gabrielle.

tuesday 14/09/2010

deleted Rate and comment, give possibly suggestions.


Maybe not forever, but likely for at least 6 months.

monday 13/09/2010

My top 5 are:
5. Deea
4. Leviatonn
3. Chiara
2. Uranus
1. Mona

Well, that's probablly why you struggle when you hit 1300e+.

Same as me.

When you hit 1300 you lose more for a loss than you gain for a win, so you need to be scoring winning streaks to progress. If you can manage to progress to the point where you can achieve 1300e in 30-40 games consistently, you'll be closer to the level of skill acquired to push past your record.

That's what I'm currently aiming for, to get consistently effortless 1300e.

sunday 12/09/2010


You can try my deck if you've got all the Nightmares, I'm sitting at 1313 and it was a pretty easy trip.
Also, despite what everyone says, Glorg is not that useful in mono nightmare in my opinion. Replace Oshitsune with Azgaroth next week and you'll be fine.


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