saturday 21/04/2012

Well i got 2 new bloods and gained Magenta Sigurd Uma and Wyre Lizzy Bernie i might buy 2 more later >.

U also have to account for backlash

friday 20/04/2012

Thats ok.

The owner of a bid can set a mnimum to has to reach befor it can sell though if they don't they can't stop the bidding if its too low.

If somone bids 3k and the minimum price is 5k it will make the highest bid currently the owner of the bid at 3001 clintz if someone then bids 4k the computer will do the same and set it to 4001 clintz intill someone bids 5k.

Working under the budget idea, here's what I would suggest:

A)Go to the tournament board and read the stickied DT guide for beginners. It's very informative and lets you get a better idea of how to build a deck specifically for that format.

B)With that said, here's a good 20* budget deck for Upper/FPC

Pallack if Oxen is a bit pricey

Yu Mei if Rei is a bit pricey.

Consequently, if you wanted to go the 2 hit KO route, I would suggest:



There you've got people who are either 6 damage or 6 with fury and you can be in/out in 2 rounds.

And the key is, play fast. Thinking is for other arenas. Just pump and dump, especially w/the 20* deck.

I need him for the community cup smiley

Because u expect it, it wont be them. So i expect what no one expects like Malia or someone. But then i expect it... so it wont be her... so....

thursday 19/04/2012

Rule 30. There are no girls on the internet smiley

Interesting deck there Abnormal, but no Robb Cr? Even if he has some glaring weaknesses, Robb is better than Karen most of the time. And anyway, mono all stars really could use some more SoA, SoB, or DR. Happens to be that Sakrohm can provide some of that.

Berzerk or Nightmare

wednesday 18/04/2012

Baldovino is a good 5*, one of my favourite cards in the game. I had a phase where I used freaks for a while. Tip though, don't go mono. Mono is really hard to play, tried it at elo and lost 6 games in a row. It's a hard clan to master as a beginner.

I thought the OP said they wanted to make money fast. Playing DT/ELO is free money, but definitely not fast. Also, to earn credits through free play, you need to invest about 30-40 minutes to get a top 33% score. And again, time is money.

So yeah, you can make clintz with no cash investment, but the trade-off is time. What pack to buy is a whole other argument. BTW- has anyone else looked at how few cards there are in Standard clans? I know two clans who have 75% of their standard cards at over 1000 clintz.

Welcome Back!!
Join a guild now and enjoy the bonuses

It can happen in more rare cards. Lets assume there is only handful of people who are willing to sell Beltram Cr for say - 160k.

If most of them take a weeks vacation and there is only few copies in the market for a little over 160k - the price jumps very easily if someone gets those few copies.

It is possible because lack of quaranteed supply.

Same effect can happen on cards that are not marketwise very interesting. People simply forget to set their copies for sale and there is temporary lack of supply in the market -> few normal buys and the price is tripled. This will change naturally as soon as some of the holders spot the opportunity to sell for great profits (less than the leaped price, but way above previous price).

This happens even in normal market and it doesnt require market manipulation to happen (but it happens often because of market manipulation, as these opportunities are often exploited because they are potentially profitable.).

tuesday 17/04/2012

We didn't play with that deck lol they usally gave us at least one good card.

monday 16/04/2012

Freaks are really good in elo where you have extra life. That is where there bonus really matters. Not underpowered, just better in one game mode then in others. But so are a lot of clans smiley.

You are the first to mention any problem, I am not familiar with this 'problem' you speak of, I may as well close this thread ; since I found out what I wanted to know.

If you look at the Format Elections page, it's written there in fine print:
"The characters are selected from the top characters from the previous week’s top clans, plus the ones banned after the last vote. "

Now obviously, we did not play Spyke (or even Berzerk for that matter) last week, so therefore Spyke was the top character of a clan that was NOT the previous week's top clan and therefore do not show up in this week's voting.

Yeah. I hope that cleared your fog of doubt. Cheers!

The full deck prices went up cuz now the cards r chosen from the standard cards. That means that the range of cards that u might draw is less, so the price is higher

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