tuesday 15/05/2012

Daily Tournaments, then play the low level market. If someone sells a card vastly cheap than it's current price, buy it and resell at that price.

0 General is going to hopefully publish the magazine for us.

Cool sentence bruh

I was able to play the first 7 missions, but when I get to the Cosmic Spaghetti one, I press Fight Now and nothing happens. It's been like that for the past couple days.

monday 14/05/2012

smiley Yap !

Nice deck. I would personally change Gibson to Qubik for a bit of Stop opp: ability.

Went with La Junta, All Star might be next. Thanks y'all.

Yes i think i might've just click extended because im stil trying to get used to it (im still used to T1 and T2). Thx for the help everybody

sunday 13/05/2012

In the help section this us Ur's explanation of a Legendary card

'What is a Legendary card?
Legendary cards are cards that are not available in the shop.
They can not be sold privately or in the auction, or sold or traded on the Market.
To get hold of them, you must complete a certain number of missions.'

They never implied that they would be strong, or even as powerful as normal cards. Like Memento said, its the journey not the destination with legendaries. smiley

Use Jungo for a while, they will get the challenge done quite quickly. As for the Tiwi mission, I am using Cutey and Kenny to get my points.

I have the best luck mixing them with Pussycats. Granted I use the more expensive cards from each set.

You have to rank FIRST in DT, survivor, or deathmatch

the easiest way to get it is through deathmatch

yeah, forget about the star, it is not really relevant
try to play ELO. your ELO score is what people going to look at to see whether you are a good player or not

saturday 12/05/2012

Oshitsune is elo banned,i recommend not limiting yourself to having a budget deck.Later on most enemies will have expensive cards with great stats

Lol nice descriptions and i do believe that people should stop crying about lds, afterall its not going to change anything.

I have tried the free offers, but none of them actually payed out, even if I finished them.

I did get Jay yesterday, though, from the 20 credit pack after some Daily Tournaments, so that's 20k for me. Also have stuff to sell if needed, so I guess I could grab around 40k for a new deck.

Roots do seem like a fun clan to try this with, I'll definitely check 'em when I have some time. Thank you for the advice!

Their couldn't be a rank because the old players who lost in lw. To speed up leveling would be at a disadvantage. Which means they would have the clear the slate, and that would cause a headache..smiley

friday 11/05/2012

Praxie = Best Skeelz Card overall (If we are disregarding Cr cards)

Warehouse counts for gaining life, doing damage, losing life, and thats about it. Wins don't count and rounds don't count.

thursday 10/05/2012

Naja Ld is also usable.

There isn't a Non-Usable Ld.

Most of the time LD characters are a mixture of clan specific missions and not specific missions or character spesific missions. Most LDs will have clan specific missions, i think the only reason Tiwi Ld didn't is because he was for a new clan so they didn't want players to have to spend loads on the new cards which would make there market price go crazy.

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