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saturday 18/09/2010

You can be sure if it wins fights smiley

...........Bump smiley cmon' peepz! Need advice! smiley


i could use a little help anyone?!

They could always play the Pussycats in DM? smiley

friday 17/09/2010

Take out phyllis, put in eadh, problem solved..I like Eadh more than phyllis

Yes i know im going to get bitc*ed at for having 2 five stars but please help me make my deck better
Thanks in advance everyone

thursday 16/09/2010

I think your depending to much on Cliff. Ive had alot of success with my current deck, that also has cliff, but I have some harder hitters then you for a total of 36 damage possible. So even without Cliff, I have options for 2HKOs

Cliffs 2HKO

Ive seen comments about "Grats this is deck of the week" or some sort. Who decides the deck of the week, and where are these results posted?

Hi, i'am a new player (22) i have played this deck in DT whit some good result (top150 record 97), but i can't reach 1100 or more in ELO wath can i change?

the deck is : Eadh - Pan - Dieter - Sargh - Veronica - Ditha - Muze - Brittany
i want to change charlie over ditha and Yayoi over veronica, do you have other suggestion how is deck?

sorry for the english

deleted I quite like this deck, I could use getting a Praxie or some other 4* in both, hey....

I don't normally do multiple posts but i was playing around with decks and thought i would make a preset out of this one. I couldn't believe the price when i saw it.


I had a better look the name was taken in a different style so to be fair i have republished under a different name.



Well the comments were appreaciated any more?

wednesday 15/09/2010

Put it this way, Piranhas aren't really the massive damage types so any protection from massive damage is invaluable. Therefore Ulrich for the win smiley

@Ike Harris

This is about 'Timeouts', not 'Abandoning'.

Abandoning a match is fine and doesn't result in a negative score to your Fair Play.

Timing-out is not fine if it's a continuous tactic.

15% time-outs must be the result of poor sportsmanship unless you have the absolute worst internet connection on the planet. If the latter then you're going to have a very hard time getting anywhere in the game; if the former you really should play fair or many people are not going to want to interact with you

This is my first elo deck ive made just now starting the game im only level 12 trying to be able to play please give me suggestions thanks.

Graff 2 Stars
Loocio 3 Stars
Massive 2 Stars
Fifty 5 Stars
Spiaghi 2 Stars
Edd 5 Stars
Sharon 3 Stars
Simon 3 Stars

Tell me what you think thanks


Please rate and comment. A little help would go a long way. Thank you. smiley

Wondering if i can get advice on this deck, it's my first time playing with seriously with roots, thanks


(and in case i did that wrong)

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