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tuesday 14/09/2010


Maybe not forever, but likely for at least 6 months.

monday 13/09/2010

My top 5 are:
5. Deea
4. Leviatonn
3. Chiara
2. Uranus
1. Mona

Well, that's probablly why you struggle when you hit 1300e+.

Same as me.

When you hit 1300 you lose more for a loss than you gain for a win, so you need to be scoring winning streaks to progress. If you can manage to progress to the point where you can achieve 1300e in 30-40 games consistently, you'll be closer to the level of skill acquired to push past your record.

That's what I'm currently aiming for, to get consistently effortless 1300e.

sunday 12/09/2010


Any suggestions?


You can try my deck if you've got all the Nightmares, I'm sitting at 1313 and it was a pretty easy trip.
Also, despite what everyone says, Glorg is not that useful in mono nightmare in my opinion. Replace Oshitsune with Azgaroth next week and you'll be fine.


Vito is a totally overrated 4*, Donnie is the man.

saturday 11/09/2010

friday 10/09/2010

Well they are good in half decks if you have Kerozinn Cr & Marlysa Cr but without those two cards i don't think that they pose that big of a threat in elo

In August the staff banned a whole lot of cards to test out the bannings and to collect the data and come to a decsion on what cards to perma-ban, but now in September all of those bans are dropped and the only bans other than the staff banned cards are the ones voted in the players format election, even though on Septemeber 13th perma-bans will go into affect on: Smokey Cr, Caelus, Charlie, Wanda, Shakra, Sylth, Striker, Hugo, Morphun, Eyrik, Ambre, Eklore

i hope that helped you smiley

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LEHANE. The only 1 card i have in sentinel clan.

Im now rolling with a life/damage manip Nightmare deck and I immediately shot up above 1300 haha. I guess everyone wanted to take advantage before Striker was perma-banned. Thanks for the advice guys.


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Yes I did. It's the first thing at the top

Honestly, that is just an extraordinarily low amount of clintz to be working with. I would suggest looking for deals on cards and then selling them high when the prices go up a bit. Then you can start buying the staples for Gheist, many of which are fairly inexpensive. (i.e. Arkn, Rolph, Methane, etc.)

Surely you can manage to bump over 1k with your cards now, yea? I was hitting 1.1-1.2 within the first week using the Junta/Sent starter set. Mike was a beast lolz!

Btw, I'm not one of them personally, but there are several really generous cats on here that like to share their wealth. Maybe someone will throw a Toro or Levi your way =D

I need some feedback on this deck


p.s. I dont like toro that much since all stars tie with him and he doesn't have the threat of 2hkos as much as methane does

thursday 09/09/2010

Well played, Zeus. smiley

The Era of Sports

This deck has gotten me 11 wins, 1 loss, and one draw. From 1000 to 1162
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