thursday 14/04/2011

I am currently in need of a ghumbo if anyone is interested in selling a ghumbo for 16-17k that would be great. just leave it in my private sales. thanks smiley

I am buying Cley for 390 clintz pm me or post below

Please read this and make a new thread, following the rules smiley

Trading my Kerozinn cr (Full Xp) for 100.000 + 4 robb cr.
I'm looking only for this trade, no othes offers please.

Thanks Modsmiley

It's a pretty great deal at current market prices


Anyone with tessa interested?

Still looking price is negotiable smiley

wednesday 13/04/2011

20 Robb for NDololo Cr ?

Spiaghi is gone.

Neil's price is now 4.9k (still very negotiable)

Yayoi's is 15.3k

99% of UR are too tight to help out other players, asking for 100 clintz off seems unreasonable to most. good luck though smiley

Hi,I exchange my marlysa Cr for Kerozzin Cr + Jim Cr + 3 Jackie Cr + 3 Caelus...

Contact mesmiley

2 Miss Twice Cr and Caelus Cr for your Sigmund Cr

Up up up

cancel Tsubame


i need Elya Cr 285k
Kerozinn Cr 190k

I'm looking for Astrid, Dolly, Draheera, Ernst, Lin Xia, Ludmilla, and Wardom
Looking pay around 28K, a little less than market value, but I'm looking to save some clintz smiley
Message if interested

Get over it dude, dragan id selling for 640k plus, I sold one for that and i know of two others that sold for a little above. You're clueless. Make the clintz if you want one and stop whining about how prices go up, it happens

Selling or Trading Sigmund Cr
No Cards in Bulk Please!

You have already used the Auction forum, no need to post it on this forum too smiley

Close please mod I sold the card already. Thanks for help.

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