friday 04/12/2009

Ill give you 5k for marina

Sold Close plzsmiley

Ill buy striker for 2500 dont sell it to holy wizy

If it lv 5 i put 2405

Lock please sold

0xp 3500
fullxp 2900

Buying jay for 4k

thursday 03/12/2009

Close mods thanks

I'm looking for Cr's up to 150k clintz, my preferences are Vickie Cr and Splata.
pm me for faster response.

thx mods

Pm me if u have her & wanna take my deal

Splata Cr = 110,000

My offer:
Alec Cr (52000)
Diyo Cr (22800)
Yayoi (0exp) (9950)
Striker (8200)
Nobrodroid (0exp) (3200)
Cloe (3000)
Ielena (1600)
25 Sliman (25x410=10250)

111,000 clintz in total

I'd like to trade my maxed Ongh for a maxed Morphun.
please pm me

I want to buy as many allison as i can for 229 clintz.
please put them in my private sale

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