sunday 10/04/2011

Lol, no he won't be and I never said he would. I did say he's popular and slowly rising in price as you have correctly identified him as a good card that will leave NB eventually.

Anyways, I have sold all of the cards now, thanks for the offers smiley

Looking for a bargain on Dagg if u have more to spare for an 25k clintz pm me pls

I will trade my Uppers for your Ulu Watu
I have Herman, Burt, Dorian, Frankie Hi, Glenn, Harold, Janine, Jeeves, Jody, Nellie, Ruby and Tyler.They are worth approx 24821 clintz.

I am looking for: Buck, Lucia, Miss Lulubee, Nanook, George, Stanly, Lulubee, Shayna and Gabrielle.
They are worth approx 24806.

Pm me if you are interested. I am willing to negotiate a bit.

saturday 09/04/2011

Nahi cr is about 90k now
caelus + robb = 85k
that's 5k off!

not a bad deal right? just pm me smiley

Sorry this was about 1 month ago

I am now also interested at multiple copies of striker (10500), selina (6000) numar (16000) kolos (50000)

i value marlysa cr at 760k~790k smiley

i will pay 90k for alec cr just put him in my ps, thanks

I whant to trade my Tanaereva Cr full xp.

For 2 Dregn ( i whant atleast 1 dregn to be 0 exp.)

I would like to trade Eve, Maciej, Hula, Askai, Psylo, Wendy

I can trade Ironfield, Kharl, Vassilli, Gheistling, Meyen, Nina, Odile, Coraille, Allan

Post the cards you want to trade?


He can be 20 mil on the market and would you pay that price no.

that plays some role in it. I'm going on previous purchases. All the Big 5 cr's are rising General cr doesnt rise because Lyse Teria cr rises. Guru cr is more expsensive than General cr .
You dont see anyone looking for General cr? Do you? I think not. I know the markett very well and recently people has been over rating card by ALOT

I.e. DJ korr cr for 8M he doesnt sell for 8M and he just has a big time "craze" right now.. so, people will try and scam

if DJ korr cr rose 800K-1M that doesnt mean General cr rose.
Thats saying if rico doubled in price that all the other roots doubled in price.. like really guys dont get scammed. also, My offer was just helping to start the auction.

Hi! i would like to buy numar. is 15500 clintz enough?

we may negotiate the price!

thank you, mod!

I am looking for a Vickie CR are you willing to sell her for 150,000 I have 5 selina at 0 but why would you trade any amazing cards for her

friday 08/04/2011

I have 18 Wanda 0XP.
I look for these cards :
Angie, Willy, Bodenpower, Fifty, Shann, Hammer, Perle, Haze, Tsubame, Macumba, Rei, Lucia, Serena, Numar, Greow, Nyema, Bragh, Chill, Niva.
Tell me what you have, by PM or here.


Can close the subject smiley

Sum Sam Cr successfully sold out =)

No one has bidded so far.I am closing this before any bid because I want to do it in French forum for a better chance for better bids.
Thank you.
(If there is any problem,it can be opened and this will be kept till 11th)

General cr 0xp for general cr full and 90k

96 Belgosi ( 59 0xp ) for 288000 ( 3k/1)

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