sunday 20/12/2009

Now i can offer 4667 and Eris 4 your uranus

Close pls mod

Manfred wins. i have sent him a card.

Auction is Closed !!
Lost Hog : 1,6 K to : Soulbeer
Anibal -----
Amiral Py : 8k to - Blazeyadedhomi
Hawk ----
|Hikiyousan : 8k to _elegia_
¨thx close trhis pls

Please close mods i forgot to tell earlier when i sold it

What do u change with donie

Close please

Close please

Close deal is done

U diddnt play for a while and i have him smiley

saturday 19/12/2009

He is worth around 7k at Lv's 1,2,3. So, not worth it, also i love his artwork on the last one xD smiley

Gil rowdy and peeler for a lvl1 wardom?

Close smiley

Sell for 14.5k
or trade for max +500 clintz

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