sunday 06/12/2009

Close mods

Got one. please close ty all

Basically a level 2 yayoi.

Starting bid: 8650

Buy Out: 9500

End date of acution: December 8th

Lol, so you have multi account??

Player who created this thread does not have the cards in question... thread is now closed.

Giv umy full collection of skeelz( new 1 included ) & 12k

saturday 05/12/2009

Trading Hikiyousan for:
a) Coby + Melvin
b) Coby + Gaia
c) Coby + Lucia + Nanook
d) Coby + 2000 clintz

I will add some clintz.

Ill giv u gibson cassandra and grudj and 2 k mre if so u agree u got a deal jus pm me

Deadeye for mona and 2k more if yes pm u gotta deal

As title says I am buying for 1k

My Melissa Cr 0xp + 15k clintz
for your Tessa Cr full.

If you have a 0xp Tessa Cr, I'd be happy to work something else out for her!smiley
Please PM and post here.

Mods can close this, thanks.

Value on the Market: 7 977 Clintz.

All i've got to say is:
Wow, you idiots...

Close subject

I would like to buy an Emeth at any level for 7000 c. Someone please look out for me

I have all the cards you are looking for but the 4 newest that just came out i am willing to trade what is needed for Cassio Cr just let me know

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