monday 21/03/2011

Delete please, thx


I know i have owned him twice now but i feel he has taken me as far as he can deck wise. Every deck i have made with him in it has hit 1300 elo. I have now broken 1400 using FPC and want to add marlysa cr to my ranks to try boost my score again.

I don't like that much of cards but is a cool offer smiley

Trading Dregn 0xp for GraksmxxT and Uranus


Can add Randy full when traded in 4.

sunday 20/03/2011

Done. Thanks Modds, lock please smiley

Done, thanks modsmiley

.... smiley

Close. Thanks!

Deal done, thanks mods... Lock please

I´m looking for vickie and willing to play up to 185k! negociable! please mp!

Moderadors can close this one! i´ve got it al ready!

saturday 19/03/2011

Selling one for 350 clintz.

Total:27300 clintz

Will also accept cards of the same value (especially Zhu Tangs).

N/m... I didnt even think to just search for his specific name, lol... I got one. Thanks! smiley

Close this please

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