tuesday 29/03/2011

I am looking for
Ray 6k
Python 1200
No Nam 1840
Naginata 5750
Isatis 875
Gatline 2198
Emeth 18598
ED 12 3548
Bryan 4k
Decote 1014
Chiro 990
Burger 1700

I offer
Lovhak 1150
Krung 1400
and Cwing 7k
I also will give 38354 in clintz to make up the difference.

If the prices are wrong it's because that's what they were when I checked last.
Pm me for a faster responce.

Thanks Thurstkiller.

I trade my splata cr vs 90 deea 0 exp

monday 28/03/2011

Looking to buy a Marco for 8K, pm me if you have one. I also have some all stars and banngers I could trade.

350 clintz??

Looking for Jackie Cr 69k.

PM me plz

It's LOL

sunday 27/03/2011

Maybe for 3 Owen, people might consider this... why post unreasonable and absurd trades?

Still looking to sell these, lowest 0xp in market is 69, 777 so message me if your looking for a 0xp Graksmxxt

I am selling full Nightmare no Cr for 120k
and Full Piranas with Cr for 120k
Also a Jim Cr 0xp for market price

PM me please

My Alec for your 2 Graks, at any xp.

I don't know why, but I just got a thing for near naked, fire breathing women

Traded. Thanks mod.

Purchased kronnen already so i will pay 11.3k for it all now cept for kronnen or i will also buy individually

saturday 26/03/2011

Thats a discount tsubame with a free kuei

I am now looking for a complement of about 100k in clintz or Cr's smiley

I've got some gheist (including Rolph), some nightmare (including Ielena) and some rescue (including Sledg), I do have some sentinel but I want Copper to add to that deck. Any of the other clans, if you are interested in any of them, I can tell you which crads from them I have. I Have an extremely small amount of clintz so I hope I'll be able to trade you some of the cards, for Copper.

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You do realize (at the time of this post, market will change, but not dramatically enough for this deal to be enough) that Dregn is about 50k more than Oflgn?

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