monday 07/12/2009

I can get pan for u if u want?

I will see if i can get him for u!

At 100000 clintz.


I offer Zatman full exp + 7.000 vs Kolos

I'll do it!

Ok, Boboamrad has won the auction with 21K for Hax 0xp, Petra 0xp, Edd 0xp, elvira maxxed, terry cr 0xp and striker maxxed.

Mods can close now

Pm me I have all of thos mentioned smiley interested too on an Alec cr. or Kerozinn crsmiley

So... No one wants this, huh? Oh well... I'll just go to the market then...

Please close this thread, mods. Thanks. smiley

Buying for 7200. Sell me private and I will buy.

Im willing to trade my slyth full exp

for a Hikiyousan and a stanly

I am looking to buy vickie for 115 - 120k, thanks, send me a pm if you would help me out

55,000 clintz

price is negotiable, post here or pm me for other offers..


Have 23791 clintz to my name and 13 cards total. need this for my deck i hope i can compete in daily tournaments, plz help =)

sunday 06/12/2009

Can close.

My melissa cr 0xp for 8 dahlias 0xp

Done close please

Close, she gone

Plz close mods deal is done

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