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friday 10/09/2010

Honestly, that is just an extraordinarily low amount of clintz to be working with. I would suggest looking for deals on cards and then selling them high when the prices go up a bit. Then you can start buying the staples for Gheist, many of which are fairly inexpensive. (i.e. Arkn, Rolph, Methane, etc.)

Surely you can manage to bump over 1k with your cards now, yea? I was hitting 1.1-1.2 within the first week using the Junta/Sent starter set. Mike was a beast lolz!

Btw, I'm not one of them personally, but there are several really generous cats on here that like to share their wealth. Maybe someone will throw a Toro or Levi your way =D

I need some feedback on this deck


p.s. I dont like toro that much since all stars tie with him and he doesn't have the threat of 2hkos as much as methane does

thursday 09/09/2010

Well played, Zeus. smiley

The Era of Sports

This deck has gotten me 11 wins, 1 loss, and one draw. From 1000 to 1162
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Thank You, Moderators & Admins

wednesday 08/09/2010

Cards that hold up against SoA:

Tessa Cr

After that, you're in trouble using Sentinels. No matter who the 7th man is, you'll have some sort of SoA difficulties. Sentinels really struggle against SoA, as SoA cripples their damage or power scores.

The upside is that Sentinel actually hold up well against SoB.

And now, what do you think about this one?
I really like Azel and her poison, I think this deck will be great for me!

Looks good to me. Lots of utility, it'll be a tricky deck to run but it's very workable.

Don't let anyone tell you that you need a nuke, that's not what this deck is about. smiley

I don't like corrina, on uranus banned weeks I'd consider a Freaks half instead. Something like:

Bogdan 4*
Wolfgang 4*
Olga 3*
Harleen 2*

Retains your DR and keeps your poison to work alongside your Jungo's life gain.

You can switch up that Freaks half however you see fit, they make wonderful half decks.

Junks do quite well vs them.
SOB clans do very well vs them also

best combo vs them is to run SOB clan with high powered attack manipulation clan

Thanks for the comments and rates. Feel free to add more! smiley

If you're going to ban Wanda, go ban Wardog as well. And maybe Massiv and Warren.

tuesday 07/09/2010


Okay, so switched some cards so that the deck has a 'theme'. Roots for SOA and DR, Sakhrom for Poison, Life Gain, and Attack Manipulation. What do you guys think? Im also wary who to choose between Noodile and Rico. Rico has Attack Manipulation while Noodile is more solid. I dunno which to choose.

Rate and comment, please?


I changed some of the cards other players said I should change. So, is this deck better? Something to replace? I dunno.

Rate and comment, please?


Goin gr8, get's me to near-1200 ELO if I play strongly on it easilly. It's goin well, and I would like to know, from the strong ELO-playin guys, if they would change anything on it.

I wondered Naginata for No Nam, cuz the higher damage might come in handy, but a friend told me not to, and I didn't.

So, any sugestions, post them, and, by the way, green face on the preset, please.



Rate and comment, please?

There's another way if you don't like Arno.

Rico To Jeto
Dieter to Glorg


Sargh to Mawpin
Dieter to Glorg

Either way will do just fine.

What shadowcouncil said is right. Its best to play for a while to read the metagame, pick a deck and stick to it as long as you can. I find that if I switch decks I'm facing at least a few lost games regrouping my playing strategy.

It might help to have a group of 3 to 4 go to decks for the metagame that you know how to use well that cover different metagame scenarios. For me that list is Roots, Piranas, Rescue, and Skeelz. If find with that 4 I'm typically covered in most scenarios.

monday 06/09/2010

Yes, the name is horrible. But the deck has great potential IF you are good enough to realize that Micky T + 1 pill = 3 damage.

sunday 05/09/2010

Hate to break it to you Ike.... but unless you are willing to spend hours and hours on ELO, you wont make top 100 regularly

you will make top 100 quickly and easily once in a while.... basically involves you needing to hit a winning streak sooner rather than much later.

but after about 1350 you are generally losing more points if you lose compared to points you would gain for the win.

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