wednesday 16/02/2011

tuesday 15/02/2011

I value alec at around 70k, tsumbe at 13k and burdock at 700. will trade my alec for any combination of the two adding up to 70k

Your Herman 0exp(3000clintz each) for my Alec Cr or Tanaereva Cr

Trade Miss twice cr for 98000 or Dregn+Dagg+cyb lhia+cwing +Shogunn+vernym n. Please help smiley!
Need these card for event ^-^

Oh, i saw 2coppers plus a bloodh..

monday 14/02/2011


I have 0 xp copies of Tanaereva Cr and Splata Cr (1 each) that I wish to exchange for full xp copies, plus a compliment. (And no, saying my hair looks lovely today does not qualify.) ;-]

Why? I play with the Crs I have, and 0xp copies don't do me any good. Other people, though, value them highly. A friend did me a favor to trade me his Splata at a slight loss as a result, and I'd like to parlay the two "fresh" cards into a nice card I can thank him with.

So, to clarify:
I give you Tanaereva Cr 0xp, Splata Cr 0 xp, and you give me Tanaereva Cr, Splata Cr, and something nice and shiny that makes a very nice 'thank you' gift. I'm thinking around 8-10k value would be appropriate.

Much obliged!!
LOA Daigon

I want sell 50 C Beast 0xp for 7500 each : 375K
Or I want trade them vs orther vortex cards like deea for instance,
Thx Mods smiley

[SALE]+Hugo 400 Clintz

sunday 13/02/2011

I want your Vickie Cr full or 0xp!
I offer:

Chiara full 9,000
Jay 0xp 20,000
Charlie full 28,000
Yayoi full 17,300
Yayoi 0xp 17,450
Smokey Cr full 28,500
Alec Cr 0xp 71,000
These prices are close approximations based on the current mkt. Feel free to negotiate. I prefer to PM.
If you've got a 0xp Vickie Cr and you don't like my offer, send me a PM! But don't mess with me. If you want it, take it!smiley
Also, if you're looking for different cards, I can modify my offer. This is just an example of how it could go.
Thanks! smiley

Buying 1 tanman for 85k

I've also got 150 copies of Ricardo 0xp, 125 copies of Grazziela 0xp, and 19 copis of Dreen 0xp

More offers?smiley

Sorry done
close pls

I trade my C beast 0 xp and i want Deea 0xp
For Instance:
30 C beast 0xp vs 70 Deea 0xp
Thx MoD

As in title, I would like to exchange my selsya 0xp for a selsya full plus complement

thanks Mods

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