friday 04/12/2009

I would like to trade cards from the jungo clan for 0xp all stars.
I have all of the jungo and would like to trade them for mainly 0xp ceseare, but I'll take other offers.

Ill give you 5k for marina

Sold Close plzsmiley

Ill buy striker for 2500 dont sell it to holy wizy

If it lv 5 i put 2405

Lock please sold

0xp 3500
fullxp 2900

Buying jay for 4k

thursday 03/12/2009

Close mods thanks

I'm looking for Cr's up to 150k clintz, my preferences are Vickie Cr and Splata.
pm me for faster response.

thx mods

Pm me if u have her & wanna take my deal

Splata Cr = 110,000

My offer:
Alec Cr (52000)
Diyo Cr (22800)
Yayoi (0exp) (9950)
Striker (8200)
Nobrodroid (0exp) (3200)
Cloe (3000)
Ielena (1600)
25 Sliman (25x410=10250)

111,000 clintz in total

I'd like to trade my maxed Ongh for a maxed Morphun.
please pm me

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