thursday 03/12/2009

I want to buy as many allison as i can for 229 clintz.
please put them in my private sale

'best offer tomorrow' means this is an auction, not a sale. Please repost smiley

Take it for 45k-46k
just put it in my ps
thx mods

Clos mods thankssmiley

I have 12 Dalhia , 10 Bloodh , 3 Hawkins , 5 Katan , all is 0xp, except for 1 max Dahlia

I would like to trade the full Jungo clan for around 65k in cards.
No noob offers and they are all full, but Ongh.

Close please going to redo this

I was wanting to buy morphun for about 18k.
PM me with an offer or put in my private sales

I am looking to buy joana from rescue for 137 clintz

Buy pan for 3000

pm if ur willing to sell

I have 5 362 and the rest I will pay it with cards. I have marina, gibson, veenyle, all the freaks, etc

wednesday 02/12/2009

Hahaha wow this is so old please close smileysmiley

Ill give you 500 clinkz for it

There's only a 1500 price difference between the two at the moment. I don't know if +20k would be worth it.

Trade my kenny for 2 terry cr or whait another offert for kenny

kenny is level 4
terry cr can be full or level 1


OK since her price went down I'm looking to sell 30 of them for 20k.

14 0xp, 3 at level 2, the rest are maxed out. Only selling in bulk please. PM for more details.

Kerizzin Cr+ rest of the clintz

Please close

Mods can close this. Thanks!

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