friday 18/12/2009

4200 clintz smiley pm me

I m gentle so O.K . oll send it to you

Can i buy your charlie for 7500 P.M me pls..

Buying phyllis at 2.6k clintz

Close please and thanks

That would've been a laugh a week ago.

But check Smokey's price increase since it became Cr.

Anyway, good luck.

I buy 4 of each cards>
(price for each)
Carlos 120
mort bax 120
leo 120
winifred 120
mitch 120
myke 120
robin 120
mac hen 120
nanastasia 120
simon 120
lino borsa 120
tunned 120
cell 120
oryon 120
Ataoualpet 120
natrang 120
zodiack 120
meyen 120
niki 120
sunnygoat 120
ogoun kyo 120
brutox 120
endora 120
pino 120
kimberley 120
razor 140
Graziella 140
tania 140

thats will be it for now . stay tuned for more list
send me the cards for the mentioned price in private sale OR pm me

ty mods

I ask forgivness i didnt read that rule smiley'

Arkn is one of my personal favorites


Close please

thursday 17/12/2009

What xp is chikko cr? smileysmiley

As the title says I am trading my kenny, and I am looking for both: Hikiyousan (from ulu watu) and spiaghi (from montana).... I believe the price is about the same, If u dnt like it but u are looking for Kenny I am accepting Hikiyousan + clintz as well

Regards and ty by ur attention

My graks for your toro and leviaton we will work with the difference in clintz

I sell all thx GMs i love u smiley

Yeah its a buy out. And 500 more than market pricesmiley

Sure Jazza 5k apeice,

Im trading my alec cr for tanaereva and wee lee pm me


Have you already obtained a Chikko CR? If not PM me I'll trade him for 2 Terry CR's

I already tried to make bussiness with you and it didnt go well.... so if you want to trade, i accept only fair trades. Thanks

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