tuesday 08/03/2011

I trade my 97 tyler for a miss twice cr.

Thanks modo.

I'm interested in Jay and Damian. I offer you 3 Terry Cr (full XP) for 1 Jay and 2 Damian.
Please contact me by PM for further negociations if you are interested smiley

Ill give you 100 globumms

monday 07/03/2011

I'm also looking for some Ricardo 0xp, 190 clintz each smiley

I want to make a jungo deck and i have an Ambre.... but i only have Allstar cards.

I want to sell him in between 300-400k when it comes to trade I do not take hoards I am looking for Crs like Vickie Cr or elya cr or jim cr Pm me offers please and thank you mods for posting

Please use the general forum for strategy and tactics smiley

Just sell me your c wing for 3300 and ill buy it.smiley

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Just like you would a sale only fill in the private sale bubble and the guys screen name.

sunday 06/03/2011

Normally, what i do is take the total amount of bulk that you have (211) and divide it by 2 (105.5) and then whatever the price of the 105.5 card is (106 price + 105 price divided by 2 =105.5) is your price per card smiley So if you were to use that method, each card would be about 3.8K per card which is 802K in clintz
You could do it the easy way and multiply the average price by 211 smiley

I propose my A Award cr (95,000 ctz) for your:

Full allstars clan including terry cr, excluding lamar cr (63,535 ctz)
and graksmxxt (31,000 ctz)

= 94,535 ctz

Good Deal as A Award is increasing steadily!
PM for faster responses.

If you wish to trade, I will organise a MOD trade,

Thankyou! smiley

Vickie Cr gone.

Now offering Alec Cr for Jackie Cr + Compliment

saturday 05/03/2011

You can close the thread mods. Thankssmiley

Can add to keep it even due to price fluxuation but act fast possibaly losing the rescue clan for the all stars

Looking for Chiara and Jay
Private message me if your willing to sell them

Also Buying

All Dolly for 320c
All Isatis for 780c
All Krash for 410c
All Glenn for 850

Hi, im looking for a Splata at the moment but i'm short on clints and would like to trade cards. i'm offering EITHER

Tanaerava Cr full(120k) + Alec Cr Full(78k) + Caelus full (29k)


Jackie 0xp (75k) + Dwain Cr 0xp (94k) + Caelus 29k + 30k Clintz

I ahve other crs as well like one star pages etc. As well as a JIm Cr 0xp which i value at 124k.

Basically I'm offering 228-230k in cards + Clintz for a Splata. Any level will do. I can just level him up. Only condition is that both Tananeava and Jackie CANNOT be in the same deal. That's about it.

Please note that prices might change especailly with some traders selling "lots". Currently i think i've put the lowest or close to lowest per card.

Thank you.

Got Mindy. Thread Closed.

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