wednesday 30/05/2012

Roots need something...2* and 5* would be nice (however Im personally against giving them anything overly wonderful---they have a habit of becoming OP very quickly)

Bangers need some beefing up....a solid card that doesn't rely on it's bonus

Skeelz need a 4* that has attk manip

Sakrohm need a new 4* that beefs alongside Petra (but doesn't die vs SOA like a certain Predator I know)

Ulu Watu still need something....probably a new 2*

Piranas need some sort of DR, I saw Quirky's art as well on Tumblr...hoping for either a Dr or a + pillz per dmg smiley...Suit piranas style smileysmileysmileysmiley

tuesday 29/05/2012

Piranas also introduced +life with Rhed (while Junkz introduced +life per damage with Perle).
Berzerk introduced Protection: Power and Protection: Damage.

She was released AFTER onlychaos commented...

Trying to avoid taxes?

Get him feds!

monday 28/05/2012

All i know is that if you have vansaar in your hand, it gives you more exp; also, beating a stronger card (in terms of stars) will earn you slightly more exp.

as for guild points, i think they combine the mission points and battle points you earned. you get more battle points for beating high-star cards using low-star cards (3* or 2* difference gives you 5 battle points, 1* difference = 4 points, same = 3 points, etc.). also, you get a slight bonus for pillz/more than 12 life left over at the end of battle, i think it's 2 bp per pill/life point.

so basically you should use low-star decks (which can get you more points in tournaments as well); vortex or jungo might also help. but if all you want is a lot of battle points quickly, just play deathmatch! smiley

finally, the daily bonuses are awarded at the end of each day. they calculate how much clintz you got in battle only (not as rewards from tournaments) and give you a percentage of that. hope it helps! smiley

Got it, board close, thank

sunday 27/05/2012

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I think it is a clintz sink if you repeat it for long enough (otherwise it is easy to play slots and not fight at all)

saturday 26/05/2012

20 credits = 99 cents.
Best case scenario with SponsorPay offers, etc, is that you're "working" for... A couple of bucks an hour.
Worst case scenario (which is much more frequent) is that you do the work and never get paid.
What's more, you're asked to give away personal information to some shady companies, install low-level spyware on your computer, etc.

Simply put, these offers are a ripoff.

@ Selina-oc

That is the same exact card at Rychiu but worse bonus

friday 25/05/2012

Admins: These are the people who actually work for Urban Rivals as a job.

Moderators: These are players who help Urban Rivals look after the game by checking fourm posts and helping with player disputes.

Operators: I think these are like mods (they are players) but they only look after the fourms. they don't have all the options mods do.

I assume you mean banned card?
Banned cards are Elo banned. You can't use them in that format. There is an X symbol in the upper right corner of the banned card.

thursday 24/05/2012

Thanks guys. Ended up going for Rescue, as I've always wanted to try them out. Sold basically everything else (barring my Frozn cards, gonna wait to see what else they have come out soon). Made enough to get the more expensive and useful cards from selling things like Hawkins and Dalhia, so I have a nice deck now. Thanks again!

Actually, I like the list
but it does not do some justice for some good cards like tula?

and also, level 2 cards in uppers they are all bad, but that's all uppers have, maybe adjust it a little bit?
same as rescue.. all of them are because their bonus


Eddie is an amazing card for ulu watu, i think it would be a shame not to play him smiley

ulu watu is a good clan to play, they can overpower almost every other clan in the game. you could easily acquire cards like felicia, george, taigo, zack, douglas, ice jim, janice, reef and warren, and have lots of options for a half-deck... the problem with most of these cards is low damage though, so you'd need high-damage cards in your other half. or maybe use timber while saving up for stanly. it's all up to you!

anyway, good luck and enjoy the game! smiley

wednesday 23/05/2012

now you can unlock it using your moblie phone credit (pulsa hape lo)
it cost you Rp 5000 for 5 credits
it will unlock your selling option

go to this page:

click on "mobile allopass" and follow the isntruction

I like the direction this is going. smiley

Ambre is also DT penalized. If we're talking about DTs, she will cost you somewhere around 20 or 30 points to use. Not necessarily a bad deal, but it's definitely something to keep in mind.

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