monday 24/01/2011

Can u buy single cards if u hv doubles thanks smiley

You need to put them in your DECK , and then u need to remove the cards u dont need from your DECK you can't have less then 8 cards in your possetion

Alright i am looking for Cr's, i am trading my collection of clans

Entire set of All Stars except lamar cr (approximate 59,400 clintz)

Entire set of Bangers except Sum sam cr (approximate 82,400 clintz)

Entire set of Junkz except Dj korr cr and berserkgirl cr (approximate 78,100 clintz)

Entire set of La Junta except flavio cr and general cr (approximate 74,500 clintz)

Entire set of Roots except Kiki cr, beltran cr nahi cr, page cr and ndololo cr (approximate 39,700 clintz)

Entire set of Ulu Watu except Tanaereva cr and rass cr (approximate 83,100 clintz)

please contact me through PM not through here, and remember i'm not trading individual cards from these clans i'm trading the entire clan.

Point to note.When you sold Kiki , you valued general at 4.5M and Lyse at 5M and now General is valued at 5.4M.
No offense meant but just a point that i couldnt help noticing,.
Anyway Good Luck!.Most others have a good value smiley

I can give you Emeth for 17k. Just send me a message

I Sell my Armanda Cr!
Starting Price:680k

Make your offers by private message!
Thanks Mods!

sunday 23/01/2011

Ill give u my zatman for chad bread cr but i only have one and hes maxed is that ok smiley

I trade my lvl 3 oxp dhalia for any offer you have to give me

what im realy looking for is a caelus

thanks mods

I have a 0 exp blaaster. im looking for fully leveled blaaster and 2 k clints extra

I have jackie and tanaereva cr but im looking for bangers

@WahZoo -.- lol
@Al3x it was discounted -.- and you needed money for fast.. there's always a catch lol.

but, Everyone thanks for the support but, could you make room for the traders? smileysmiley

Mod , Close this subject plese ! smiley

Close mode thanks smiley

I no longer need Krung, but again, I am willing to negotiate and if you are looking for any other cards, I am open to suggestions.

saturday 22/01/2011

Offering 200K, or best offer. Thanks staff, and everyone looking.

Can sell for 445 each, take 5% for selling is 387, Wanna make some money of it, so take 10% = 352.

So id buy them for 350 a piece, and thats what i offer.

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