friday 07/12

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Charlie has been sold and I'm no longer looking for Dregn Mt!

All 0 xp. PM, if interested

thursday 06/12

Looking to trade my jackie CR 0xp for any combination of these to a similar value


feel free to message me to discuss smiley

Gorgon kept dropping out of the New Blood packs like doo-doo after Taco Bell. I imagine we all have quite a few of them. Good luck on your trade

Sentenza, sobek, djet all sold

Damn it keep missing these deals smiley

Do you still want more? If so, I accept as well )

Currently looking for Crook. I got around 1.3m and some cards to trade if anyone's interested


30k each

tuesday 04/12

Why don't you just shup up if you are not interested? Problem solved...
By the way, the offer is no longer available

Hi, i think one by one ok.

I am sorry. I already have enough Maana for my personal purposes. Thats why I posted the detailed list of what I am looking for smiley

sunday 02/12

Have all of these to sell or trade ... ~Pm Me~

bankee cr
beeboy cr
drakorah cr
drorb cr
eddie cr
elya cr
globumm cr
greem cr
lelena cr
kalinda cr
marshal cr
ongh cr
robb cr
shann cr
sigma cr
slyde cr
tanaereva cr
toro cr
uchtul cr

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