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monday 11/05

Wondered what had happened to her releasesmiley

sunday 10/05

La Junta:



Ulu Watu:


The regular members
Amiral Coco the talking parrot
Aktara the muscle pirate
Andsom the world’s most ugly pirate
Coleridge the flying pirate
Cyan the blade handed pirate
Deadeye the deadeyed pirate
Ector the rum master
Goldie the treasure
Kalder the treasure searcher
Katan the knife thrower
Kristin the daughter of the governor of the island of Barbadia
Laurens the Piranas jailor
Molusko the Piranas mascot
Puff the pirate full of air
Rhed Cr the secret female pirate
Selma the prosthetist
Sheryl the matron-in-chief
Taljion the punisher
Trey the accountant
Tula the shipwrecker
Tyd the navigator
Wheeler the nasty pirate

The seamonsters
Ahkab the coral monster
Didier, Scubb dad
IronJaw, Ahkab brother and the second cursed coral monster
Langren the werewolf shark from the east
Rakhan the octopus’ pirate
Scubb the cursed fishman
Sliman the crabman
Sooko the fishman from Ryhm
Surstorming, Piranas kraken
Tortuga the giant sea turtle

The Shipwright
Ulrich the pirate with a drill as his hand

The special thieves
#Daliha Cr the charming thief
Lizbeth Mt/ Miss Lizbeth the legendary thief

The sword fighters
Fischer the swordfish fighting pirate
Pesth the poison sword fighter pirate

The vice-captain
Lagertha, Piranas second in command

Thanks all, especially Piranga...extremely helpful!

If you having trouble in real life please go see someone, ether family, Friends or a doctor life can allways get better dont ever think it cant (though I know it can be hard).

About the accounts Im sorry but it is against the terms and conditions to create more than one account to try and get an unfair advantage so theres nothing that can be done as you agree to follow these when you create an account. (Support will look into your brothers account and take the relevant action).

friday 08/05

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Bangers OG’S
Beeboy Cr the expert dancer
#Blaaster the music listener
Bodenpower Cr the ex-leader and founder of the Bangers
#Chikko, Bangers Spartacus
#Shann Cr the parkour expert
Sum Sam Cr, Bangers big man

Bangers rappers
B Ball the sporty rapper
Dud Z the rapper who always lays it on thick
Kluwn the clown rapper
Laetitia the hard-hitting rapper
Loocio the clint city “greatest” rapper
Pacarezza the radioactive rapper
Shinobi the financial rapper
Shogunn the Asian rapper
Tasty Tast the hypnotic rapper
Vermyn N the crazy rapper

Bangers special ones
Chlora, Lennox mom
Doug Snope the dog Bangers
Fifty the scary Bangers
Kevin the hotheaded Bangers
Kurt the thief
MC Decay the undead Bangers
Meroo the outlaw
Platoona the intellectual Bangers
Randal the cool Bangers
Sleam the thick Bangers
Usman, Bangers “Robin Hood”

Bangers sporty ones:
Pharah the bazooka shooting StreetBall player
Zoe BeatBreakBall creator

Bangers superheroes
Dixie the speedy super girl
Karl the golden hands
Lucas the Masked Bangers
#MBlaze the regular hero

How about in now in 2020?

The outsider warriors
#Elya the magical Sylve
Kerozinn Mt the wild samurai
Marlysa Cr the mystic fighter
#Slednor Cr the mysterious warrior

The regulars
Endo a good Fang Pi
Kagura the kabuki genius
Lihoi Chun the wanderer
Mamba the anger controller
Otome the yakuzza daughter
Sayura the Gheisa
Tameshi the hardcore body fighter
Tenac the panda
Yusuke the changed school bully

The samurais
Hattori the noddle loving samurai
Saitamurai the one punch samurai
Tomoe the half-blinded samurai
Zhu Tang the evil samurai

The weapon fighters
Khann the winter sport expert
Kinjo the former Fang Pi Clang leader and Ninja Master at the Golden Mountain Monastery
Macumba the wind fang fighter
Nakata the onehanded sword fighter
Pa Mei the kunai throwing hair fighter
Shizawa the origami fighter and creator of the Thousand Cranes technique
#Yo Mei the hair fighter

thursday 07/05

That is sad . however thank you for that infosmiley

sunday 03/05

To tag, just use # before the character name

saturday 02/05

Staff mentioned Cortez' daughter will arrive sometime this year, so my guess is he will become Cr before that and she will take over.

This is very nice thank yousmiley

friday 01/05

The robo police:
Cyborg the hive police officer
Owen the Britannia robot
Rebecca the cybernetic robot police officer
Statam the mecha-diver
Zdrone the robot police officer
ZRobbie Cr the artist robot

The special force
Amy the demon hunter
Aviria Ld the virtual police: Job: The virtual Clint City protector
Aurelia the Montana catcher
Carlos the Sentinel spy
Chloe/ Miss Chloe the attractive sentinel agent
Fletcher the rotocraft pilot
Harvey the burning passion
Havok the secret lover
Hawk the native agent
Kyle the top resseacher
Jason the heavy-handed tacticer
Judge Scare the hard hitting judge
Lara Hate the blonde agent
Luke the quick shooter
Mandy the ex agent
Malia the fitness instructor
#MclLain the deadly weapon
Melvin the fast driver
Morgan Sentinel perfect eye
Palmer the submarine driver
Pavel the special Poldachie-Golgovine agent
Robin the Sentinel robot engineer
Rust the the secret worker
Sammy the taser master
Scar the #Oculus agent
Slade the dead police officer
#Skinner the serial-killer expert
Smith the special Sentinel
Thomy the teenage spy
Tobbie the Rabbit - Chief Wielder of Justice
Westwood the Sentinel cowboy
William the police dog
Zhang the Hong Kong police officer

The weapon specialist
Earl the doughnut loving gunsmith
Geoffrey the electric gunsmith expert
Poe the chief gunsmith

thursday 30/04


I find her interesting since she got a updated artwork and her bio specifically says she's trying to become the clan's boss. I think she would deserve and update in both stats and in rarity to show she has come closer to her goal.

+1 life per damage

Would definitely make her an usable card, but there would still be better options.

This is a crossover with a rhythm arcade game from Japan.

I feel like a lot of the cards stats seem very underwhelming. The bonus is not op for stats to be so low with the exception of several strong cards.

wednesday 29/04

To be fair. A ur staff member said in the comments section in the premier of the new trailer that these black market missions is going to act smiliar to how the black market is going to work. Th whole idea behind black market and the missions is to make the price of cards rise again while getting rid of a lot of doubles

Looking at it nearly everything has a fanpage or two of said thing except for this game here we only have the official ig and many dead fanpages whats your guys thoughts on a ig fanpage? (Sorry for bad English grammar)

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