tuesday 27/02

Yea, you don't lose ranking for not playing. But you you need to do 5 placement games to get weekly prizes.

monday 05/02

friday 02/02

Hmm in my opinion EFC tower is too high for these cards, because Z palace can still face those monsters.
So I guess danger zone is better in that perspective for those cards.

wednesday 31/01

Are you talking about the results screen showing (+0) next to the EFC score? Because that's a graphical bug and the score does change at wins/losses.

sunday 28/01

friday 26/01

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It's a stupid game glitch that is limited to the app (don't tbink it happens on pc version).smiley

monday 22/01

Adding on the 'also same happened once I got placed'. Yes, it happens. You play against people in lower zones which leads to the fact they are able to use different cards which you might not be able to use. Same happens upwards. You are able to play against people in higher zones who cannot use cards you can use.

thursday 18/01

tuesday 16/01

Thanks guys, I just got van wesel from the tutorial, now I'll try the riots deck

thursday 11/01

The deck I was (or am, if my will returns until then) going to use, is similar to yours Rowdy. Mine had Jean, Fastbender, Agnes and Behemoth instead of Grouchy, XRobb, Spyke and Priest.

monday 08/01

Nightmare/rescue is an underrated combo

friday 05/01

Ok mate so few ppl are awnsering: play Ursula and Langren (no ironjaw).
Good half clans: Ghosttown, Vortex (Lds), Riots, Skeelz (Nekron but expensive)

wednesday 13/12/2017

I always climb with the same deck from starting zone -> Polit

friday 08/12/2017

Just choose your favourite clan and trail & error will balance out a good deck, don't be afraid to throw out pricey cards if you don't win games with it.

sunday 03/12/2017

saturday 25/11/2017

Yes, if you don't open your daily efc box, you lose it.

Also note that for end of SEASON rewards, top 25 of each league are tbe only decent rewards so if you're not going to make top 25 of next higher league, better to drop down to top 25 of next lower league.

saturday 18/11/2017

Why necro this? EFC >>>> ELO

wednesday 15/11/2017

EFC isn't balanced until you nuke the big cards to bottom of ETC levels.

friday 06/10/2017

EFC Mode, Rewards and Seasons has the full breakdown of daily/weekly/seasonal rewards. And yes, both of those are a factor.

wednesday 20/09/2017

I`ll make a new one for the next season.

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