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wednesday 19/03/2014

Nah its deleted cause his Vickie ditched him and came to me

friday 14/03/2014

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tuesday 11/03/2014

No need great player,great decksmiley

sunday 09/03/2014

saturday 08/03/2014

(I spell OP, O, and then P.)

friday 07/03/2014

monday 03/03/2014

Juyaim it's not a dead link

preset got deleted because it was just a "pathetic show off deck"

friday 28/02/2014

my bad

wednesday 26/02/2014

i posted it on the wrong board by accident smiley

wednesday 12/02/2014

23:05 Deathmatch you almost won against EL PATR0N, Allégorie (1-3): 315 points
23:01 Deathmatch you crushed xxx117, ~~El Rincon De la Perla~~ (12-0): 295 points
22:58 Deathmatch you beat irondogmaster (7-0): 230 points
22:54 Deathmatch you crushed antonybol (12-0): 165 points
22:49 Deathmatch you won by timeout against alos4RAP, Los Reyes del Arte de la Pelea (12-5): 105 points
22:46 Deathmatch you beat El Rey Tomi, Los Reyes Del Ur (4-0): 50 points

sunday 09/02/2014

Oxen and Randy for the 2HKO's with each other and Jackie or a furious Saki/Zatman
Saki and Zatman can KO with Lamar Cr and a furious Wendel or Jessie is also very unpredictable


read the description!
and pls R&C

friday 07/02/2014

Not really.
enzo is pretty awesome. the 8 power cannot be sacrificed but hey thats just me. if that isn't how you roll that's fine use belladone or something. I personally hate dr never use it (except for the occasional graks or my lady in my uppers deck.) you should probably have tan man like cards to save you from 2nd turn draws. when i said dr i mean cards that are good without their ability like jimmy graks and lady. they piss of the opponent and help with mind games. dr doesn't exactly help for 8+ rounds but it does help out overall.
admittedly i forgot about dj korr cr
also i was never being mean
the meanest thing i ever said was stuff that feathered unibrow which come to think of it isn't very mean unless you believe that the unibrow is the mouth but that makes no sense. i don't understand the last comment.

monday 03/02/2014

some defence is always advised
dudley ld is a good touch but if he isnt working, karrion
actualy no.
dudley ld is needed but he can be expected to be played in one way
but obviously a hand of ambre mechakolos ambre dudley ld kolos would be boss smiley

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