friday 04/05/2018

If you are willing to see this information outside of UR, you can check out the graphs on our fansite (the site link will change soon).

Navigate to any card and the it's at the bottom of the page.
Note that the UI will be changing soon.

You sure like writing.

thursday 03/05/2018

619 Queen...
"There he goes! 619!" Idk what is going on, on this thread but Rey Misterio

tuesday 01/05/2018

As the game currently exists, the only 'counter' to Cancel is SoA/SoB. You could make a new ability that could neutrize cancel opp X modif. I don't think the ability would be all that strong. Sure it may help in rare situations against Pandora, Mimmo, or Raptors, but not against Space Hans Ld or Ymirah Cr...
Actually, now that I think of it, that could be an interesting ability for a Leader, since it would stack on top of normal abilities...

Sidenote: to link to characters its #Character. Example: #_Sue; without underscore: Sue
Heres a link to the list of hyperlinks and how to use them: [RULES] Introductions & Recruitment / Hyperlinks / Guilds

sunday 29/04/2018

Well, the concept of 'inflation' applies here.
Yes, I do remember when cards were 100 Cz, but also, there were not as many cards in play then. And you are right, they did not give away as much money back then - the while daily rewards thing was not around back then. It was HARD to make money in game back then (unless you used real money to buy cards). PLUS, the bronze & silver tokens are available, which was not the case back then.
So, as in any economic system, prices & wages always go up over time.smiley

thursday 26/04/2018

I just notice something while reading the dominion comic.

The two figurines that are shown clearly. Has a kind of a demonic /monster silhouette shown in the background.

I'm thinking that the silhouette shown in the background might be their final form. That lelena turn the figurine into.

Wow thanks for the help again. i will close this now lol

saturday 21/04/2018

Hi, nice stories. I will also post one short story, which is part of a longer one, but it stands alone I think

The gears are moving

In the underground city called Riotspolis, the engineers work without a break.
•Dr Copernica: We need more support on the legs. When the body and the hands are ready, they will weigh tons. So, let's strengthen the legs.
•Greendy: Yeeees Dr Copeeeernica! I will cut some pieces of steel and I will reeeeinforce it!
•Dr Copernica: Thank you Greendy. This will be my heritage to Riotspolis!
•Pericles: You have nothing to prove Dr Copernica. You are and will always be our top engineer.
•Dr Copernica: My Patriarch!
•Pericles: Can't you just call me Pericles?
•Dr Copernica: This is impossible my Patriarch! It surpasses my capabilities.
•Pericles: So, when do you think it will be ready?
•Dr Copernica: Hard to say. The main body within a few days. I am worried about the engine. No matter what I did, I couldn't decrease the amount of Thermonium needed to make it work.
•Pericles: Nobody said that great achievements come with a low price.
•Dr Copernica: My Patriarch, why such a hurry?
•Pericles: Something big is coming. I feel it in my gears. We must be ready.

Bump still have a couple requests to finish but looking for some more

friday 20/04/2018

Last time i checked we had free offers hadnt checked in months but they hardly ever gave credits even after full completion

After the market reset. A lot of Cr cards price have sky rocket. Which totally makes sense. Since a lot of the older members who are not active anymore had cards they were selling on the market.

But I still find it funny. To see the price of cards like Lamar Cr (which I bought for 900k in 2014) price be see high and expensive

thursday 19/04/2018

I think it is Russia only. I know some other Russion useres have similar probs. Could be constant from now on, quite unfortunate

wednesday 18/04/2018

Maybe a trade system where value difference items can't be more than 25%. Tha value would be based on the lowest price on the market.

Fixed. That was a mistake on my part.

Any other suggestions on the display style before I proceed to make the real one will be appreciated.

Great, fansites. Because the players want more. I enjoy all of this. Thank you!

Ok, dont make getting Cr's easier.
Earning credits is the only way at getting packs? Its easier than before, but this game is still run by the same people. Its so obvious that long time collectors such as yourself see no need for change in the system. I agree, theres no NEED and its all WANTs and its a topic for discussion. Maybe were all just anticipating whats next for the game smiley

Think of it this way. Auction house does not have to be the only trade platform. Sellers put on the market there price on CR's. In an auction house a seller says minimum bid, all of you think its a scam which is hilarious. If no one wants to bid, the ticket dies. If it sells it sells. If there is only 1 of a single Cr up for auction. Thats a very good chance to hop on the best deal possible. A possible MT occurence could spark huge battle for a single card. Not only does a seller make their desired return, buyers demand could possibly add bonus. I trust you would all agree since there are auctions on the market forum as we speak. smiley

monday 16/04/2018

I hope it will happen. It's not like I don't appreciate that their two version of the cards.

I just think it's more in respect for the characters to make them Mt. Since they official is not a member of #All Star anymore


No more than 3 Rare Cards
Under 25 Stars.
At least 8 Cards total on your deck

If all the criterion is met, refresh the arcade page and try again.

If you are using a card from your guild bank and someone removed it or one of your cards levelled up in your deck as you were playing, it will explain why the Star requirement is not met.

I hate roots a lot but y’all forgetting Brody is OP as well.

saturday 14/04/2018

1 hour in Tournament, 1-3 gold tokenz

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