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sunday 05/06/2011

The deck seems good but personally i would change Kobalth to Deea.

Soul-Harvester: Your pussycats deck seems fine. (there shouldn't be a reason why you can't post a thread so try again if it dosn't work send a bug report)

To make a link you go to the public preset can copy the preset=1877125 at the end of the website adress. you the change the = to : and this should make a link.

wednesday 01/06/2011

So Much Trolling

wednesday 25/05/2011

Nice deck i can't see anything that needs changing at the moment (but if a 2* uppers comes out which is better then Bianca i would change her).

Good deck but i would change Eyrik to Ambre and Greem to Caelus Cr if you can afford it.

Ambre can give you a 3 power difference unlike Eyrik's 1 power difference. But if you don't like it only happaning twice every match and you want higher power on the leader i would use Morphun, because even though its not power manipulation +1 pillz per round is helpfull too.

Greem can work well in T1 when its harder to ko but in T2 posion dosn't really work because its very easy to KO befor its had any effect. Caelus Cr is easyer to win with and his 8 damage can help a lot.

Sorry i miss counted the characters. I would probally go with Edd/Spiaghi.

Even in T2 Spiaghi can help you from getting Ko'ed

tuesday 24/05/2011


did it work?

Im sorry but you deck has been deleted.

on a side note if you want to post a link which is just the name of your deck you copy just the preset=1859909 and chang the = to a :

Great deck.

On a side note if you want to post a link which is just the name of your deck you only copy the preset=1871679 and change the = to a :

thursday 19/05/2011

Phedios, Please do not leave one word responses or randomly post on other threads. Try to keep the message board nice and clean!

saturday 14/05/2011


Tell me what you guys think and what i can do to improve.

thursday 12/05/2011

That wont have a chance in t2 dm.

saturday 07/05/2011

Comment sava je vais gagnersmiley

friday 06/05/2011

thursday 05/05/2011

Lol..i thought it was catchy. Considering my main objective is to win 3 out of 4 rounds in type one.I only use one damage reducer, so it makes it tougher for me to do damage.but yea, thank you all for your ratings.i'd love to keep this preset upsmiley

I agree i fell DM is a room were everyone can bring there own style into the game and without any banned cards and if ur one of does people that want cards banned in DM because u cant beat them then DM is not the room for u i fell tthey have 2 opinions they start playing a different room or they get there own kolos , grakks tan man and soon ... DO NOT BAN CARDS IN DM

wednesday 04/05/2011

saturday 30/04/2011

What do you think about this deleted

friday 29/04/2011

Thanks guys, I was crazy confused (:

tuesday 26/04/2011

deleted please rate and comment

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