saturday 14/04/2012

Im sorry but this is the wrong fourm. this is the fourm for guild aplications and advertising.

Its a bug because the area where they should be is still there so its not been removed on perpouse.

Noone knows about it,huh?Its a pity...

I will continue my investigation upon this matter though. smiley

Necroing threads, annoying as it is, is extremely humerous once you think about what the necroer did.

Sits in chair eyes glued to screen, scrolling through hundreds possibly thousands of pages looking for a thread that isn't locked to then offer their advice on something that's either been said or is completely wrong. Then getting the satisfaction after wasting hours to bump something that could be closed in seconds.

I'm impressed that the first guy spelt Ataoualpet correctly - or did you open another tab? smiley

The almighty Ataoualpet - perhaps the only UR character to possess 4 consecutive vowels in its name. That alone should make him worth millions. Correct me if there is another smiley

"Spite stallers" aside, this happens for a number of reasons.

A lot of people play UR because it's so low-maintenance. It's the preference of many to be able to tab out mid-round if they feel they already have a good strategy planned... However, similar issues can be caused by a slow internet connection or temporarily losing connection if you, say, happen to be playing mobile and wonder out of Wi-Fi range.

The impact this has on DT/DM scores is just part of the element of luck prevalent in UR. My advice would be not to sweat it -- it definitely does happen to everybody.

friday 13/04/2012

Here is the third and hopefully my best deck:


Jungo is good, on theory the 2 best clans to use are PCats and Jungo because of the life gap complimenting the poison.
It's all up to user preference since all clans are good in their own way, but I'll take a clan with good DRs like Bangers, Sakrohm or Roots.

They are awsome best clsn ever check this preset out for Mono T2 Pussycat i will make a half deck one for you The Return Of Miss Sky

tuesday 10/04/2012

SubclavianHoA comes and saves the day like a b055

Ummm... montana is a clan quite reliant on their bonus and so is freaks so as a split a 3/1 draw will have a weak 1.

I felt like Tanto89 was a warrior running his sword through opponents while I was reading that.

monday 09/04/2012

New blood is Best...
Elite sucks totally

sunday 08/04/2012

Sentinels are a police like clan, but not the police.

About all those names, JRR Tolkien told a pen pal that the best way to make some story look more real is to give it a sense of deepness and massiveness. The best way to achieve that is making references to places and people which aren't actually in your story, but could have met the main characters sometime or they could potentially visit.

Karrion seems awfully misplaced in this deck since you want to avoid winning with Freaks if you have activated his poison. smiley

saturday 07/04/2012

Im still a pretty big newb to this game, but have finally reached a playable deck.

what do you think?

By phone do you mean the iPhone app? It shows the hidden pillz already so I'm not sure what you're trying to say smiley

I agree with TazFTW. I miss the Rainbow packs. smiley

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