thursday 13/01/2011

Whole Fang Pi Clang w/out Cr = 57330 clintz

If you want I'll trade the whoie clan's cards (w/out Cr) for:

Kolos = approx. 40-42k
Kenny = approx. 10-12k

If you want I'm willing to add clintz.

thanks smiley

Sum Sam is only 1m clintz, but what you're looking for (the entire collection) is 1479750 clintz smiley,v..

Ill buy it for 2300

wednesday 12/01/2011

Oh its ok

Milton 200 clintz each
Cley 700 clintz each
PM me or write here.
TY mods.

Looking for a Tessa CR, at 290K. i have the money readily available and will be checking this daily,
so pm me, those of you that are ready to sell.

Trade my gil for kerry im open for negotiations im willing to add some clintz smiley

The list was change:
1 selsya cr 0xp 90k
1 selsya cr full 88k
1 melissa cr 0xp 240k
1 jackie cr 0xp 62k
1 jackie cr full 61k
80 zatman 0xp 800k
40 chiara full 400k
40 chann 80k

tuesday 11/01/2011

I have more to add if needed
and once again, Prices are negotiable, this is a post from 5 days ago

I will trade a kerry for a copper plus i will put is 4k clintz to make up the diffrences

pm me if you want to

thanks mods

Ohh soz m8 im kinda ill and i get confused im not therrying to scam ill close this and make a new one to make it look like its not a scam im not scamming btw sorry mods if you got confused but i shud be kerry i think i was thinking of a smokey cr at the time

Your prices are abit low if you need the cards desperately. Just saying. kinda wasting your time waiting here for those prices.

24ever ur on crack

This is eng forum, speek eng smiley
yes, u are into my bl... can be u offer in past low clints for a big valued card... I ban all user msgpvt me offer without a good price.

Anyway offer start at 5000 clints, if u are interessated post here.


9 ongh 0xp for u baldovino and eloxia

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