wednesday 18/04/2012

It can happen in more rare cards. Lets assume there is only handful of people who are willing to sell Beltram Cr for say - 160k.

If most of them take a weeks vacation and there is only few copies in the market for a little over 160k - the price jumps very easily if someone gets those few copies.

It is possible because lack of quaranteed supply.

Same effect can happen on cards that are not marketwise very interesting. People simply forget to set their copies for sale and there is temporary lack of supply in the market -> few normal buys and the price is tripled. This will change naturally as soon as some of the holders spot the opportunity to sell for great profits (less than the leaped price, but way above previous price).

This happens even in normal market and it doesnt require market manipulation to happen (but it happens often because of market manipulation, as these opportunities are often exploited because they are potentially profitable.).

tuesday 17/04/2012

We didn't play with that deck lol they usally gave us at least one good card.

monday 16/04/2012

Freaks are really good in elo where you have extra life. That is where there bonus really matters. Not underpowered, just better in one game mode then in others. But so are a lot of clans smiley.

You are the first to mention any problem, I am not familiar with this 'problem' you speak of, I may as well close this thread ; since I found out what I wanted to know.

If you look at the Format Elections page, it's written there in fine print:
"The characters are selected from the top characters from the previous week’s top clans, plus the ones banned after the last vote. "

Now obviously, we did not play Spyke (or even Berzerk for that matter) last week, so therefore Spyke was the top character of a clan that was NOT the previous week's top clan and therefore do not show up in this week's voting.

Yeah. I hope that cleared your fog of doubt. Cheers!

The full deck prices went up cuz now the cards r chosen from the standard cards. That means that the range of cards that u might draw is less, so the price is higher

sunday 15/04/2012

I allways use wardom due to his high power.

Continued - Didn't realise how long this was!

As well as those cards shown I have about another 600k worth of Cr cards that I'm happy to sell to improve my deck so any advice on what to add/whether you'd use upper+Montana or Upper/Sakrohm ect. Tactics to use with said deck, anything at all guys! I'd really appreciate it smiley

Many Many thanks in advance,


Lol, damn I didn't think anyone would catch the furry joke, and thanks for reviewing those abilities.

I honestly was just throwing some ideas on the table, my favorite being "Copy opp ability."

And some of the abilities I said might be OP but it depends on the context of that card. Example, the few cards that have +2 life per damage all have 6 power and less then 3 damage. The best of them being Kenny.

+1 Power per pill (+1 damage added to your current damage for every pill you play on that card)
+1 Damage per pill (+1 damage added to your current damage for every pill you play on that card)

could both work, but the cards would have to have low power/damage to begin with.

Example a card with 3/6 with +1 power per pill. Even if you play all your pillz that's still only 16 power and is easily stopped by SOA not to mention that it'd be a pretty rare situation to play all 12 pills in one turn anyway.

As for +1 Damage per pill, I can see that one being a little overpowered but if that said card had a low power it wouldn't be as devastating as you may think. Not to mention you could always slap a (Max smiley so high powered cards could also get that ability.

And If i think up some more abilities I'll certainly post away!

IPhone app is really unpolished, as well as mobile version (not being able to see the full first post, no ability to change pages).

Why post your deck here?
there's a "show your presets" thread in our guild forums

saturday 14/04/2012

Nice standard deck. smiley

Interesting deck. You might find roots a bit too slow for deathmatch though.

Send a bug report to support using the green ?

Im sorry but this is the wrong fourm. this is the fourm for guild aplications and advertising.

Its a bug because the area where they should be is still there so its not been removed on perpouse.

Noone knows about it,huh?Its a pity...

I will continue my investigation upon this matter though. smiley

Necroing threads, annoying as it is, is extremely humerous once you think about what the necroer did.

Sits in chair eyes glued to screen, scrolling through hundreds possibly thousands of pages looking for a thread that isn't locked to then offer their advice on something that's either been said or is completely wrong. Then getting the satisfaction after wasting hours to bump something that could be closed in seconds.

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