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tuesday 24/07/2012

Haha, chillax.
I think it's best you actually stay away from that "sweet, sugar coated" thing you mentioned. smiley

Yeah, what Thoazol said. Just do an offer so you won't need to spend real moneeezz. smiley

monday 23/07/2012

Oh ok, that helps a lot. I figured I had to use specific cards because the other missions required me to do so. Thanks so much.

Yeah I was thinking of that, too. I want Bryan and Emeth.

Something else, what other clans is La Junta good to be with in a half-deck?? I was thinking Nightmare or Montana, but not sure.


Not often enough to be useful.

sunday 22/07/2012

Mmm, still close but no sugar for the necro of the year.

And are you absolutely 100% sure that it was non-random? Or do you mean that you won the individual round by 4 attack, but still 8-0?

Yeah i was thinking about it and if cards were nerfed they would become exactly like other cards so it would make the game much more boring

saturday 21/07/2012

I would advise you go a certain clan. Ulu Watu or Fang Pi Clang mono would do the trick until you get the clintz to buy better cards

(I know it's probably too late) Nightmare isn't really good long-term either. Percentage-wise, they have the 3rd highest number of rares, and (excluding cr's), they have the 3rd highest cost-per-avg-card. If you're looking for a good clan to build off of/maintain, stick with either roots, uppers, or piranas (all 3 being at/around the bottom of those 2 categories).

friday 20/07/2012

I've always personally been a fan of woodsy due to his ability (alongside petra) to piss off other atk manip clans. Not many cards can go pill for pill with atk-manip and sob, and the ones that can are still pretty rare (gianfranco and lydia being the only 2 I can think of). 2nd-best 2-star sakrohm is always going to be nimestiec, due to the fact that he's sakrohm's "anti-rowdy" (with rowdy relying heavily on atk increases, wheras he relies on atk drops).

tuesday 17/07/2012

I think Freaks are my biggest challenge to play effectively. In today's world, a min 3 doesn't quite cut it.
For those saying Frozn are hard to play, you're not playing them the way they're intended. And while Kalindra certainly adds sinergy, there is plenty of power in the lower stars at a much lower cost.

Of course, all clans play differently in each room, I play 20-26 stars extended

Graphs changed everything in terms of market fluctuations... it was a bit more of an "art" to understand it before you could see trends. But the factors were always the same. The factors memento mentioned all play a part.

monday 16/07/2012

@0 Anderson: Urban Rivals looks at and takes into consideration all the suggestions they get (as long as there reasonable). The reason i said "Might" is that they might not be looking for a new artists at the moment e.c.t which means they won't take the message any further.

sunday 15/07/2012

Thanks for the site, its outstanding. It was the first thing I found when I started playing UR, and it was exactly what I was looking for!

I find necroing fine. Please close

Annuqa is drawn by Phalloide a well known urban rivals artist. Fizzle's style is very different. If you want to compare all of their levels you can see their art (and stats) here:


saturday 14/07/2012

Yea and the Berzerks are really good too

"There are Slightly MORE Lamar Cr for sale but the price Jumped 70k. It's lunacy."

Different people have different expectations and needs. Maybe they dont need clintz that badly just now, so they put 70k overprice to the cards hoping to score customer. If they later need money they drop the price to make the deal happen more easily.

Thats the strategy I use and also see daily on my normal card trades and CR's are not exception to this rule.

Btw. If you want CR price to fall, then currently you could for example put a huge lot of Noodile CR's for sale at 16.5k - if the lot is big enough then other holders will undercut it if they need money badly and they lose trust on Noodlile CR.

I see this system used also extensively; very neat trick smiley (also risky, because I just love to snatch those cheap "scary" lots.).

friday 13/07/2012

Unless they changed it, the goal is simply gain 100 pillz. I did it with a Morphun/Piranas deck in less than an hour. The wiki site is accurate.

Ok boys and girls the thread has wandered into predict the next Cr territory. Continue your discussion in your guild message boards or in pms.

thursday 12/07/2012

Wow, So many ways xD, I'll try doing DT then when have enough money i might try to buy cards at low prices smiley
Thanks for the time guys smiley

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