friday 23/03/2012

As much as i'd love to see a new clan, it probs won't be for a while.

thursday 22/03/2012

My thoughts, if you wanted to run half & half...

Do not overlook Ella in the 2* slot. Just her sitting out there makes your opponent timid with their big guns. If they go first and you've got Ella & a 4 * Freak, they have a bad decision to make, and that's what this game is about, letting your opponent make bad decisions.

I wouldn't get terribly excited about Wonald. He basically says "-2 dam min 1, unless you're KO'd, which then you lose". It's fun when he loses to a 1 damage guy, but that's about it. You already have 4 Pussycats to fill those shoes. Better to run with Esmerelda. Consequently, another to consider is Hula. If she's the only freak that pops up with 3 pussycats, you can still poison. So she's better than a Protection:Bonus ala Bikini Joe LD. Plus you're not running behind against Nightmare/Piranna type SOB decks.

My run would be:

Cherry (Having Healing & Poison up on rounds 1/2 usually means they can't come back)
Ditha or Charlie. I leave that to taste, but Ditha is a gamebreaker on her own.

Okay thanks for the help guys! I understand berzerk now but can you help me now with bangers? Budget of 3k-5k pls

wednesday 21/03/2012

@DryOasis: There was no need to necro this thread.

I was about to say "well, if it's the psychotic guys you're into...", and then I remembered that Jaxx (first two forms, third possibly) is also on my list XD

tuesday 20/03/2012

When I first played Roots I also thought that Gretchen and Amanie aren't a good combo, but I slowly realised that if your heal doesn't work it's a good thing. Why? Because it just means that your life is above 10. Gretchen and Amanie, if you do manage to land both in, will hit 8 damage, and in Elo your opponent's life will be 6 if there are no Pussycats. Only Jungo winning 2 rounds will get to 10 life. So it's pretty safe to have them both, however I don't really enjoy my 4* attacking cards to have 7 power as it's easily beaten, although that really can't be helped.

I've played mono-Roots a little bit, and I used a deck that someone had reached above 1400 with. It's pretty much the same as the deck you're using. One thing about mono-Roots is that the damage is too low, and if your opponent has an epic stop: ability card, like Karen or Flinch, you're screwed. So I'll keep Amanie instead of Burdock.

Anyway. you might want to splash something in since Gertjan's your only support card and having splashes won't affect the deck much. Maybe a 6/2 or a 7/1 split?

Hoped I helped, sorry if I didn't. I don't play mono-Roots like a pro, my only successful times with the Roots are with a 4-card halfdeck. If this is helpful, the half deck was Jeena, Rico, Yookie and Noodile Cr.

monday 19/03/2012

1. Basic game theory;

There are four cards dealt to each player. Assuming an equal draw and equal play, two of your cards will win and two of your opponents cards will win. This is simple, basic statistics but the implications are important.

If you can assume that two of your cards will win and two of your opponents cards will win then you can concentrate on which two of your cards you want to win and which two of your opponents cards you want to win. Realize you can't win all the battles but you can choose which to concentrate on. Now, which two cards should you use?

Another old thread bumped by a noob

saturday 17/03/2012

A poor Guy Made a mistake For selling his sum sam Cr

At level 35, will get Ambre.

thursday 15/03/2012

Bumped from already answered thread with a player who hasn't played in years asking the question.

To people who bump threads how does it benefit you? Do you know how sad you look? You sit on your computer, scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of pages to find an old thread that isn't closed to then offer your amateur and often useless advice on a topic already resolved that poses no relevence to todays audience. Pathetic.....

wednesday 14/03/2012

Make sure you have added your friends as an Urban Rivals friend. If you have you can both go to the Fight club room and you should see your friend at the top of the player list. Click on them and then click challange. Your friend should then get a message allowing them to accept the fight.

tuesday 13/03/2012

There is a new full list of mission and their rewards at

Let me know what you think.

The list is almost done, but still missing a few missions. it will fill out as registered users view the list and the system imports their mission progress.

@Alpha_PL : Yeh whatever you do don't sell them to kate.

GraksmxxT, SkrumxxT, Uranus, Petra, Eris, Miss Stella, Stella and ambre is quite a good T2 deck.

1) People are buying packs to try to get Heegrn and probally jane ramba and they will sell any other cards they get.

2) people brought up a lot of vortex cards befor the announcement trying to get a lot of copys of the Cr and when its announce they will sell the copys of the cards which arn't going cr.

All of this increases the supply of vortex on the market decreasing the prices.

It probally takes longer to make 5 artworks then it does 4 and you might run out of ideas.

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