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friday 03/09/2010

I don't know man, add another decent DR to the gheist and gheist becomes roots II. DR-SOAs are absolutely deadly in half decks.

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Still no coments? OK, I'll just go ahead and close

thursday 02/09/2010

@ -2F- Inonomas

What else is in your deck? I'm struggling with a good Skeelz deck.

So far, I've found moderate success with,


Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1481043 or deleted Give it your suggestions and a nice smiley face.

wednesday 01/09/2010


cnc pls

tuesday 31/08/2010

Erm, I still would like comments...

Ray, Trish and Jane I approve in the Junta half, but I can't think of a replacement for Gatline (when Bryan is banned), I approve of Muze and Brittany, Noemi is alright, but I don't like Ella in a half deck, but with Wanda banned, there isn't much to use. 3* cats are pathetic (Muze is good, Noemi is barely playable, everything else is terrible), so can't drop Gatline to a Junta 3* and raise Ella to 3*.

Only possible change is Feelyn for Ella.

And what deck have you been using?

So far ive been winning quite a few matches with this

monday 30/08/2010

Eloxia is the star in this Skeelz + GHEIST deck, combined with Jay, they make an amazing duo smiley
i think they do anyway, but what do you think?
Because, to be honest Eloxia havent been as good as i though. What i do like though, is to loose the first round with her, and then send Jay out there with fury for sort of a 1HKO smiley

On another note, the ELO elections are sporting all the heavy hitters again. Next week will be an interesting one to say the least

sunday 29/08/2010

I haven't tried Scubb, but when I have Selma in a deck Kristin seems awesome. After a hit with Selma there is often nothing they can do, because the extra two pills make full stop Kristin a guaranteed KO. It doesn't usually work against something like Sakrohm or Skeelz with all their 8 powers though.


Reccomend changes yeh if u think it needs it

Three revenge-based abilities is a bit much for one deck I think. Mawpin and Milton fall apart without their abilities, and while Chiara doesn't necessarily need hers, it does help.

I'd switch Azel for Pan or Nistarok for Glorg and Milton for Praxie. Probably Dwan for Tomas too.

I'd also take Phyllis instead of Mawpin or Eadh, but it's a debatable choice, as all three are good cards for different situations.

Yeah, Tessa is the best 5 star Sentinel in ELO. Sad as she's pretty far outside most folks price range.

Sentinel can run a 5/4/3/3/3/3/2/2 line up well. The OP has a very good list for that.

saturday 28/08/2010

Believe it or not, they actually banned Bryan.

It's exactly how Shadow said it.

Which clan is good to go with skeelz?

All-stars and Skeelz may work together pretty well, depending on the cards you use.

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