sunday 01/11/2009

Pm me if u have an offer

Thanks mods u can close now

saturday 31/10/2009

Sold, Please close, thx.

I have them.
reply me back by a private message so we can make an agreement.

Close please...

Yessmiley it works, pls pm me if you have a card

0 messages

Niva Buck Cassandra Naginata graksmxxt arkn edd askai bruce dacote joao spiaghi
Would like to trade for cheap Cr's just make me offer
Thanks Mods

Who can sell me a wardog for 1500?

Got vermyn n
now only need jiucy lord for 3k ..private sale me

Cmon people

Close message thanks mods

Trading 2 Alec Cr's 0xp for Kerozinn Cr or Ombre Cr. Pm if your interested, thanks

For 3700 clintz message me and just put on my private sales

Lemme know whats in the deck also peeps i aint trading this for a deck full o mykes and diegos ((man what is my obsession with myke?? every time i make one of these i use myke as an example??))

I'm looking to buy Geuner Cr for 20k clintz and Seldnor Cr for 22k clintz.
please pm me for quicker responce

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