friday 17/12/2010

Hey mates, im looking to trade my 3 Jackie Cr full for a Vickie Cr Full + 5k.

Also looking to trade my Vickie Cr 0xp for a Vickie Cr Full + 7.5k.

PM or post here if you are interested smiley

Thanks all!

Preferably 18k

I have him and i trade for other cards

Your Tanaereva Cr, Kolos charlie melvin and GraksmxxT for my Vickie Cr.

300 Below!
Ill Buy The Cheapest.

175 Below Please, Reply to Private Sale.

Im looking also for haze,tremorh,avola,spaigi

PPPPPPLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZ ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse my English
but I did not understand
"I Might Be Able to swing That"
how to translate in Italian

thursday 16/12/2010

When u make an auction just go straight to ur public profile and then sales and auctions tab and u should see ur auction

Ill buy Oshitsune for 6k

Honor guard, the rescue are gone. so is sylth, uranus, and edd.

still need graff rodney, and lehane

Make it 30k and its a deal

No thanks

wednesday 15/12/2010

This is useless... no one bids anymore over here on bigger cards.. Well, Thanks FiF I really appreciate it.

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