monday 26/10/2009

jazza_9876 won at 640 clintz

Close Please

Close this plz. smiley

Gary 480 clintz
ottavia 1440 clintz

thx mod

Close thanks

Auction closed nobody win

Read the title

thx mods smiley

Ill give you El Gringo, Hammer, Jessie, Liu, Marina, Striker and bounus 680smiley

You heard it smiley, send me a pm if we are gonna trade

4 messages

Ill buy 74

Nobody? smiley


Thank you,

I'm looking for a ongh trading Charlie + Baby Q + Clintz

I'm willing to pay around 5000. PM me if you have a free Coby.

Plz people i'm buying a dalhia for 12k or less plz someone help me out

Anymore offers?

Can you people not understand English?

Wow she is asking 2 much 9.6k

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