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saturday 22/12/2007

Time-outs are part of the game aswell as the not responded challenges...
but it doesnt really mean that players are trying to slow your battles down or something.....
though, sometimes people are doing it intentionally.. u will know its intentional if your opponent is really waiting for the clock to turn to red before actually chosing a card.. while for the unresponded challenges i'd say that its not really the players fault... maybe they didnt notice that they are challenged because they are busy doing something...

but thats not the game's fault its the players themselves that are making it worst...
so i suggest once you are faced with this kind of things its better to just ignore it and keep your concentration with your battles.. this way you could focus more on your game..

hope that helped.. smiley

this topic will definitely get worst if the subject is not answered immediately... hope the post here are enough to answer your questions.. otherwise, if this topic will be closed without answers, im sure it will be asked over and over again in the future... smiley

Yup.. i agree with ground zero...
it would lessen the number of players playing on a room..
which might also confuse other players..
and besides the "type 1 and 2" system (as ground zero said) is "great and simple" already

friday 21/12/2007

Please clos subject this i mad a mistake

saturday 15/12/2007

I have one problem with the stated xp chart. According to it if you do a KO you get 2 * pills left, however I am not getting this. For this to be in effect do you have to do a ko in first 3 rounds, and if you KO in 4th it doesnt count?

thursday 13/12/2007

FLASH34CK and Chainz no free places sorry, close this topic smiley

tuesday 11/12/2007

Hi it appened 2 me 2 and ur not bad at english lol

sunday 09/12/2007

Hi welcome to the forums. Sadly there is no official guild wars but some guilds can organize tournaments for their guild members or against other guilds.

You cant...however, you can sell your cards at the 50 clintz minimum through a private sale. If you have any credits, you out of luck since those are non-transferable. As far as giving away your clintz, buy their cards at inflated values (assuming that they can sell on the market). But you can not give you stuff away for free.

Hope this helps.

saturday 08/12/2007

I got 32nd place in a tourney, but my winnings haven't come yet. Also, while I was playing, my points didn't show.

friday 07/12/2007

Yeah, I love Nightmare. Ielena is supposed to look like her lvl 1 self.

tuesday 04/12/2007

Clintcity.org's encyclopedia is updated and needs your card reviews! Please stop by, log in and rate each card. Leave a comment as to what your opinion of the card is and when and where to use it.

The Clintcity.org admin staff will be going through each card and adding tags. Tags allow you to see what cards are connected to what other cards. i.e. A Award and Reine are partners, Chloe and Havok are lovers, etcs.

monday 03/12/2007

Maybe some day we will continue

sunday 02/12/2007

Tourney is ova...close this thread

sunday 25/11/2007

hot 52 messages

First of all this subject doesn't belong here and has already gone too far

And to clarify some things...
Indeed the next collector cards will be the soleil characters, as memento mori said, the cards were introduced on the basis of a contract with Soleil (the cards are characters from soleils comic books) and all Soleil characters become cr after 6 month.

As for other collector cards, this is really an information that the staff cannot provide to the players, it would only mean a way to allow some players to buy stocks of those cards and gain a lot after they become collector cards.

It's true that the moderators are just normal players with some duties in the game. It's also true that the moderators know some of the new things that are going to happen well before other players, it's normal to first get feedback and to beta test some features with a limited group of players.

But it's equally true that no moderator will "leak" any of those informations to other players, so please stop making false claims and speculations.

I'm closing this subject now because it doesn't belong here and the discussion clearly has no end in sight.

friday 23/11/2007

Kerry 6/6 courage : stop bonus (4*)
Mark 6/1 +2 life /damage (3*)
Lobo 5/6 (3*)
Ghoub 6/7 (3*)

In my observation, the clan with the most cards (for ex. your opponent has 4 sentinel cards and you also have 4 sentinel cards in hand) the background will show the police station or the sentinels back ground.smileysmiley

tuesday 20/11/2007

I dont like it... Maybe i can make something else? like that in wordpress?

Hi king trex can u tell me about your self i wanna hear back im princessazin

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