saturday 12/05/2012

Oshitsune is elo banned,i recommend not limiting yourself to having a budget deck.Later on most enemies will have expensive cards with great stats

Lol nice descriptions and i do believe that people should stop crying about lds, afterall its not going to change anything.

I have tried the free offers, but none of them actually payed out, even if I finished them.

I did get Jay yesterday, though, from the 20 credit pack after some Daily Tournaments, so that's 20k for me. Also have stuff to sell if needed, so I guess I could grab around 40k for a new deck.

Roots do seem like a fun clan to try this with, I'll definitely check 'em when I have some time. Thank you for the advice!

Their couldn't be a rank because the old players who lost in lw. To speed up leveling would be at a disadvantage. Which means they would have the clear the slate, and that would cause a headache..smiley

friday 11/05/2012

Praxie = Best Skeelz Card overall (If we are disregarding Cr cards)

Warehouse counts for gaining life, doing damage, losing life, and thats about it. Wins don't count and rounds don't count.

thursday 10/05/2012

Naja Ld is also usable.

There isn't a Non-Usable Ld.

Most of the time LD characters are a mixture of clan specific missions and not specific missions or character spesific missions. Most LDs will have clan specific missions, i think the only reason Tiwi Ld didn't is because he was for a new clan so they didn't want players to have to spend loads on the new cards which would make there market price go crazy.

wednesday 09/05/2012

Apple banned Tapjoy like companies from the AppStore, that's why Urban Rivals had to remove it from their app.

Some ELO players use Bangers when they have blaaster cR

Haha. I know what you're talking about smiley

tuesday 08/05/2012

I planing to use it in DT

Nobody ever seems to mention this, but to see the Slot and Chat tab you need to be a high enough level. I THINK it's 8, but I could be wrong on that. You'll see it by the time you hit level 10, though.

I was confused about the same thing for ages, until it finally just popped up for me smiley

You need a Wiki account to use it.

Also if you don't like it filling the intire page you can find a smaller version on any Urban Rivals Wiki page (appart from the homepage).

monday 07/05/2012

The best bet yes Deity, but I was unfortunate to spend about 800/900 credits and no Mikaal *sob*

sunday 06/05/2012

I have used freaks in conjunction with the following clans and had success : AllStars, Sentinel , Uppers , Gheist. I would definitely recommend that you try uppers with them, for numerous reasons.

1. The attack reduction from uppers can help freaks get the win, because a lot of the freaks are 'underpowered' in that they have mid range power and damage ; e.g. 7 power 4 damage.

2. Uppers have some great damage dealing cards which will help crush your opponent after the freaks burn them down with poison

3. Uppers are actually one of the cheapest clans to invest in, the cheapest being roots, then Bangers, then Allstars, then Junkz

4. Zatman + Bogdan + Kazuyan + Akendram + Wendel + Dorian + Hula + Esmerelda

Tourney = Tournament.


saturday 05/05/2012

Its not a bug so it can't be fixed but you can send a suggestion to Urban Rivals using the green ? and they might implement it.

No advice is 100% I have found when you have a minimal lead pros will think your ko card is a bluff and fall for a 2hko. True new players tend to 3 pill most cards. Sometimes they 4 pill 'big' cards (did i used to really think sayura was awesome?).

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