thursday 29/03/2012

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I like Rudy, he gives the ability for 1HKO with Cortez.

@-DustStorm-. I do read the staff posts.

"We will regularly add ELO bans to make the metagame evolve which will be easier with the end of the link between penalized characters in DT and ELO bans." (Taken from the standard news post).

Lol it dosn't seem to want to hyper link your posts. smiley

wednesday 28/03/2012

I've always kinda liked rainbow from a collection-building perspective. In a way, you can theoretically get every non-cr card from it, thus making it good if you wanna try out different clans.

Rescue is also pretty cheap/powerful if you stumble upon some of those. I'd advise building your collection in general first though, to try and familiarize yourself with all the clans.

Benjamin, you can try republishing it.
Presets that do not receive a high ranking will be deleted within a period of time (1 week? 2 weeks? I don't know).

tuesday 27/03/2012

Poison is done at the very end, sadly. Otherwise the poison would take that extra 2 life away and C Wing would bring it down further. It's just the order of abilities. They should list it somewhere

monday 26/03/2012

I like it, one or two risky cards such as coraille though. Best suits the Daily Tournament 2 and maybe even the Deathmatch 2. Only thing is that cards with stop opp bonus will likely wipe the floor with you. but still a great deck for a beginner. I've been playing for 2 weeks, here's my deck

Proper grammatical usage of emoticons dictates that they should always come after exclamation marks, to eliminate any confusion as to whether the punctuation is part of the aforementioned emoticon. Also, an excessive amount of exclamation points should always be punctuated intermittently by a "1" or "11", as an indication of the author being so overwhelmed by excitement that his/her finger has momentarily slipped off the shift key.

While such subtle distinctions may seem trite to the average poster, only proper grammar can assure that your post be taken seriously.

I've had many matches where I do something stupid (In the opponents opinion, not mine. I call it unorthodox) like overpill naginata (which ppl usually do but I...) 1 or 2 pillz more than what ppl usually put on her. As I have morphun in my hand most of the times when I do this, it doesn't put me at a disadvantage (for long) and the opponents just rage quit.

But in one fight my opponent played first with karrion, 9 pilled for 63 attack. I 8 pill naginata for 64 attack. Win. Fight's not even close to over. I throw smokey with all my remaining pillz (No gray areas when I play smokey, it's either all or nothing. 1 pill if I have a strong feeling that the opponent bluffed) and he 0 pillz mawpin. I win and he's still at an advantage in pillz. It's really pissing me off so I just throw morphun all out and he 0 pillz ghumbo. I win?

That's not even close to the best fight ever, but it's funny cause the opponent raged... but not rage quit :O. Which is rare

sunday 25/03/2012

House of the necro threads. smiley

For elo, this one doesn't look too bad:
Rescue 1476 Is your turn kate!

friday 23/03/2012


My wiki should show you all the artwork for all the cards.

The posion with the highest minimum works first but as soon as the minimum is hit the other posion takes effect intill its minimum works. That means if you use gork to stop Karrion as soon as the minimum 4 is hit karrions posion starts again.

As much as i'd love to see a new clan, it probs won't be for a while.

thursday 22/03/2012

My thoughts, if you wanted to run half & half...

Do not overlook Ella in the 2* slot. Just her sitting out there makes your opponent timid with their big guns. If they go first and you've got Ella & a 4 * Freak, they have a bad decision to make, and that's what this game is about, letting your opponent make bad decisions.

I wouldn't get terribly excited about Wonald. He basically says "-2 dam min 1, unless you're KO'd, which then you lose". It's fun when he loses to a 1 damage guy, but that's about it. You already have 4 Pussycats to fill those shoes. Better to run with Esmerelda. Consequently, another to consider is Hula. If she's the only freak that pops up with 3 pussycats, you can still poison. So she's better than a Protection:Bonus ala Bikini Joe LD. Plus you're not running behind against Nightmare/Piranna type SOB decks.

My run would be:

Cherry (Having Healing & Poison up on rounds 1/2 usually means they can't come back)
Ditha or Charlie. I leave that to taste, but Ditha is a gamebreaker on her own.

Okay thanks for the help guys! I understand berzerk now but can you help me now with bangers? Budget of 3k-5k pls

wednesday 21/03/2012

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