saturday 14/11/2009

Close please


Mods please close this.
thank you

Close plz..
i might make a new one if Dark_Iron changes her mind

Close the subject plz. I got Jackie smiley

Closed? How do i close this....

I am looking for:

Diyo Cr
Geuner Cr
Page Cr
Seldnor Cr

I can Exchange Onghs, Sylths, Terrys, and many other doubles for them. Or I can buy them with clintz. Please message me if you have an offer, or post here.


smiley close this subject i got my selsya cr thanks

No one's intertested... Mods, please close this subject :/

I approved this thread to use as an example.

Selling credits, trading credits, or in any way transferring credits is againt Urban Rivals Terms and Agreements which EVERYONE was supposed to read when making your account.

Any attempts to sell credits will dealt with harshly.

Credits can be acquired through The Shop and by winning them in Daily Tournaments.

To obtain them in any other way is against the rules.


friday 13/11/2009

Close plz

Looking to buy cards under market price pm me with offer any clan will dosmiley

Id do it for 1 caelus.

Business closed! This topic may be closed

*Extremely expensive

Thanks for the cooperation moderators! smiley

I have a 0xp copper i will trade it for a maxxed one

thanks mods

hot 59 messages

There is a famous sentence you could often read in forums :
Don't feed the troll. smiley

I think we could stop here.

Please close

I like to buy him for 500 clintz.

Leave message if you are interested.

Thanks! smiley

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