friday 23/10/2009

Looking to BUY

Ongh (U) 14,500
Sylth (U) 7100
Niva (U) 3000
Greow (R) 1950
Nyema (R) 650

Buying Kolos 16000cz

He already did the deal, he just didnt close the thread

I no :/

Please close mods, no bites smiley

6 messages

Still looking smiley

Close please

Pm me at a decent price

Close again Lol :

Close please

1730. plzs no trade got none too trade

2 Vickie Cr's 0xp, 2 Alec Cr's 0xp and 20k for Dragan Cr smiley

Im selling
Kati who is a7 4 Stop opp. ability Damage +2
Windy Mor who is a6 4Stop opp. bonus Damage +2
Xia Leming who is a 6 4 -2 opp damage, min 2 Damage +
Yu Mei who is a Damage= Opp. Damage Damage +2

-Please close-

I have made a successful trade. smiley

thursday 22/10/2009

Close please

Only one Boohma and Zakzy No THANKS

Mods, please delete. This was meant for the guild forum. I'm not going to be spotting random strangers massive amounts of cash, or helping them make profitable deals without a cut for me smiley

Together for 220K
thx mods

Im buyin a alec cr for 45000 clints ill add in 3 extra uncommon cards aswell

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