monday 02/11/2009

I am trading Vickie Cr 0xp for around 125k I would trade her for Lamar Cr Splata Cr 2Alec Cr and cash and lots of other cards i can work with the price so post offers here and also send me a Private message of your offers thanks alot.


Close thanx

Buying Kerry For 4300 c

Mods close thankssmiley

I have a coby you need him?

Adding clints now. pm me.

I want to trade my Alec Cr 0 exp for your Kerozinn Cr... please...


Ok tankyou every body smiley now is time for the offert am drop me start prize to 900 each so good luck every body smiley

Any offers?
even regular cards will be accepted as long as it's fair!

2500 each please private sell it to me ...
but i only just buy few of it

Close please


Buying Emma from Pussycats for 750 clintz
p.m me

Close please thank yousmiley

Close this now plz I'm buying it from someone now

I have a sheitane

I have a Shann as well

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