thursday 25/11/2010

Hi! i offer 23500 clintz.

we can ngotiate the price.

tahnk you, mod!

I have buck stanly taereneva cr lulabee hikkiyousan wee lee serena all full
interested? pm me

For 250clintz

Offering 75k Clintz

@ FiF thats true. y'all listen to em. He's wise.

Trading Full XP for 0xp...will throw in kyle as thank you.

wednesday 24/11/2010

30 k and its a deal

The whole Sentinel clan, without Crs costs aproximattely 58k

I offer 7 Chiara full xp (56k) + Ray full xp (3k). That makes 59k

Modds, thx for accepting it

Ok , this bewilders me , why hasnt my post been accepted?

i just want to bring attention to my thred

other higher level players comments have been accepted?

why not mine??

Please use the Strategy and Tactics: General Forum smiley

I now have 50 x Sylth 0xp available to trade.......

Also, for those of you who may be interested I have a lot of 30 x Wee Lee 0 xp to trade towards the same cards....I value them at 12k for singles or small lots and for 11.5k for lots of 10 or more......

Both Sylth & Wee Lee are priced at historical lows right now and these lots are a great both cards have previously sold for well over 18k in the past.....

As Always I Look Forward to Your Offers smiley

Don't make me sell her, she deserves better than that.
smiley smiley smiley

Manon cr is gone, thanks @brahmaman smiley

Hi i am looking to buy a ambre i currently have 20,000 clintz that is all i can pay pls only willing sellers pm me
God bless smiley

tuesday 23/11/2010

I have NDololo cr 0xp
im looken for a clintz pure of 630k
or other large staple cr that is low in fluctuation to trade to clintz
looken to finnaly get a cash out for him, sick of selling my whole deck every week to adapt to the ELO banned

thanks modds

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