monday 19/10/2009

Yeah I thought so....
Well thanks anyway fast

Price Change:
180 each....both cards

Anybody ? im willing to add some clintz ?

Lamar Cr is full or 0exp?

I have 42 k now.

I can make a very good offer pm me plz. thnx

Buy allstar Jessie 1.5k

You should ask mods to help you do a mod swap where the mods take the cards and gives the cards to how ever your trading with.

Still needed smiley

Please close trade complete. smileysmiley

I'll Buy for 6k (:

Your dumb smiley
close please and thanks

All of them for my 2 corvus

Hey, I got a Pirana's deck, and was wondering if anyone had a Bloodh they'd be willing to trade or sell. I have a Caeles (R) (leader of the Skeelz) and a Vermyn N (U) i'm willing to trade. Either one are worth it. Message me if you're interested.

Dweezil thanks for adding up my cards and the cards i want

so ill throw in 4 k to make this deal even

Offer still up!

Forums take so long to update.

Tanaereva Full Costs Around 33k In This Moment

I´m Willing To Trade Him For These Cards:

Chloe 0xp 2.5k
Coby Full 6k
Copper Full 10k
Copper 0xp 9.8k
Havok Full 2.9k
Melvin Full 1.9k

The Equal Is 33.1k

I offer all stars and piranas both full all stars with out crs, please send me a pm its faster

I'll give you Bloodh for Emeth, Trish and Wardog... and I'll throw in some Clintz to make up the difference.

Sorry dont have a charlie

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