sunday 25/10/2009

Pm me your offers

I have:
My Aylen full that I want to trade for Your Aylen 0xp and 320 clintz,
My Caelus full that I want to trade for Your Caelus 0xp,
My Chiara full for Your Chiara 0xp,
My Jay full for Your Jay 0xp,
My Sasha full for Your Sasha 0xp and 5 clintz,
And My Tomas full for Your Tomas 0xp
Please only 0xp

Are u selling everything that u said for Kerry and Marco

Am looking to trade Alec Cr and 47000 clintz for a Vickie Cr. I know that vickie is worth slightly more than that, however Alec Cr's price is rising slowly (after the initial drop in price due to market flooding).

PM me if interestedsmiley

I'll sell it to you for 1100

PM me for prices or post here
buy them all for 3500
or separate

Selling toro for 4790,send me a pm

saturday 24/10/2009

Please close this


For 150k. i know its short but im hoping some one could help me out


cheers mods =]

I got about 49k so if you can do that pm me thanks.

Please close

Trading my 0xp kristin for your full xp one and a cyan thanks

tnx mods

Im very in terested but dang im broke

I wish to buy Zatman for 9k clintz + 5 Lin bee
If you wish to trade PM me
I wont buy it at more than this price
Tnx mods

I have 2 nice cr cards
Lamar Cr (Cr) 0xp
Dragan Cr (Cr) 0xp

i have been not playing UR for about 4 months now.
ALOT of new stuff here.
want to cash in.
want 130k + for lamar
and what ever cool deal for dragan
just post here
or pm for faster u know

thx mods for approve

I sell my adler start price is 6000 clintz but i would like to exchange my adler so make your offers

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