wednesday 17/11/2010

Selling my entire rescue clan all cards max exp. includes Alec. pm with offers. will also accept trades. total value 112k

tuesday 16/11/2010

Tanaereva cr + Kolos + Swidz cr 0xp for your Vickie cr.

Mods please delete this thread

Hi, i'm buying multiples of Alec cr 0xp, for 60 000 clintz each, price may change due to market values.

Those who are interest send me a pm or post here.

Thanks in advance.

Or you could do

jackie = tomas + K

Is someone, over the rainbow, interested to purchase about 10-20 or more Mawpin? Selling for 1050-1100, + cards - price ( following marketplace )
Also willing to trade for jiro, gianfranco, oshitune, raeth, wanda 0 exp,murray, without refuse your possible ideas.

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monday 15/11/2010

1.4M + 1 Marlysa Cr 0xp
PM me if you are interested

If interested, I can change my offer smiley

My Jackie for your Jay + 13K Clintz

Well, Im a noob -_- lol but I want Dregn.
I have around 500 Clintz and some of the given cards/a few Vortex cards.
Anyone willing to cut me a deal for him..?

Hello, im looking to buy
Armanda Cr
Rass Cr
Lao Cr
Im willing to pay 500k for each

thanks mods

sunday 14/11/2010

For u kiki

1 000 000 + 103 ongh + lao cr + flavio cr + aldebran cr + 2 jim cr


Buy Jackie and Zatman cheap if anyone feels generous smiley
Please PM me if you can help me smiley

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