tuesday 03/04/2012

Ok deck.

If possible i would change Harold to Jackie Cr, Jody to Dorian, Nellie to Herman and Oxen to Zatman.

Thats not a bad cheap deck.

monday 02/04/2012

Thanks AmberRed ill go with that deck

sunday 01/04/2012

Left you a comment.

They are tring to copy players smiley

Being sensible, if thats possible, its probally to do with your internet conection or the server e.c.t,

saturday 31/03/2012

@Eogran: This thread will tell you everything: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=1&id_subject=2065398&subject_page=0#answers

friday 30/03/2012

Okay, here's what I would suggest:

A)Lose Vansaar. He doesn't do anything. Trust me.

B)Damage isn't that relevant if you're guy doesn't win. Therefore people like Sunnygoat are not useful. smiley

If we're looking at a budget build Roots by itself (and this is with their currently projected market amounts on the side)

Jeto (366)
Miken Moose (895)
Gudvibz (243)

Gertjan (279)
Craho (213)

Gretchen (1173)
Burdock (1234)

Hugo (323)

That's a viable Roots deck under 5k, and you probably have 1 or 2 of the cards already. Obviously, you could add some money cards here and there, but that's only if you felt the need.

You beat me too it I just posted the same thread.

Most of the cards have been given a new background. Do you think this is a new update or something to do with sunday smiley

thursday 29/03/2012

There is an Android version available.

Or maybe even protection:attack

Or go to facebook they are updated to the minute

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I like Rudy, he gives the ability for 1HKO with Cortez.

@-DustStorm-. I do read the staff posts.

"We will regularly add ELO bans to make the metagame evolve which will be easier with the end of the link between penalized characters in DT and ELO bans." (Taken from the standard news post).

Lol it dosn't seem to want to hyper link your posts. smiley

wednesday 28/03/2012

I've always kinda liked rainbow from a collection-building perspective. In a way, you can theoretically get every non-cr card from it, thus making it good if you wanna try out different clans.

Rescue is also pretty cheap/powerful if you stumble upon some of those. I'd advise building your collection in general first though, to try and familiarize yourself with all the clans.

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