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friday 06/07/2012

With the new packs i would go for new blood but waite intill A friday new release.

Why people troll through the butt end of the threads for things that arent relevant i will never understand

I've never been able to figure this out either

thursday 05/07/2012

@mattgcoot29: It started off that you couldn't, then they made it that you could but they had to change it back due to players abusing it, i think.

wednesday 04/07/2012

U have to be at least lvl 10 to gain access to the training room.

tuesday 03/07/2012

Yeah! The super-well-rounded Roots clan, with all of their attack manips and excellent DR is still too weak! And also I think Rescue needs a card with Spyke's stats, because they have too many bans. Or maybe two cards with Spyke's stats -- can we just give them different names so they can be used in the same ELO deck? smiley

I think this is another place where UR should consider a more player-friendly solution...

To stop bots, all you need is some kind of "captcha" mechanic. For example if someone makes a bunch of purchases really fast, they're directed to a page that asks them to enter letters that appear in a box in a funky font. Lots of sites use this to prevent bots from spamming or flooding them.

To stop players from exploiting the market, just put a cap on how many times a player can buy/sell any given character within the span of 1-2 hours, and let players know what that cap is. I think something like 10-20 would be a reasonable number.

Both are easy solutions that wouldn't cause players to be kicked off the market for around a day just for doing something they enjoy. smiley

Hello, I'm not sure what format you are looking to play in but here are some decks for a few of them.

ELO: questo deck è 21-12-2012!!

Daily Tournament: Famolo Strano - TQ Won!

DeathMatch: deleted

Standard: frozen in fear smiley

Hope this helps!

monday 02/07/2012

The thing is, we only want the 25* stars we all know and love

sunday 01/07/2012

Nice deck. I would personally change Brampah to Titsouk and Tiwi Ld to Annuqa because the Sakrhome have enuth cards which can lose so a Frozn Defeat card is not needed.

I think the time on Deathmatch should be reduced slightly, since you only have 20 minutes to rack up points the rounds should be less time. It is also annoying in all game modes when someone takes the entire round and fight is about to timeout and with one second left they play a card (especially when they play the card with no pillz)

Close this mods.

friday 29/06/2012

There is not an overall best clan its whichever clans suits your playstyle that is the best clan.

The level only shows how much you have played the game. It doesn't reflect skill nor collection and some years ago it was much harder to level.

You can already do* (sorry)

You get guild points from completeing fights. It also says you can get them from using the market but no specifics have been released about that. You can only get a certain ammount each week though.

Mission points are also turned into Guild points (whilst staying as mission points too) each time you complete a mission. the reason some guild are very high is because when the guild update first happened you could turn mission points allready gained into guild points. (you can't anymore).

@Shazam 1 of those 4* would have to be changed to Diana. Diana w/ 7 life gap can cause your opp. to question whether its a toss card for the Frozn or going in for life gap.

Ive actually seen your post on the market page you are trying to sell your tessa and swid for kero ang elya you know you could always just sell your crs and make a new deck

thursday 28/06/2012

Its more the clans then the type of decks. e.g a + life pussycat deck can do really well but a + life all-stars deck isn't really possible.

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