sunday 15/08/2010

Ran a jungo-pussycats deck this week and scored almost 50 points higher then usually, i'm at 1401 right now and hoping to stay in the top 100... it's been easier for me just because I absolutely hated Rolph and seemed to run into him every single match previously

-Tessa Cr

We all could be so lucky.

On topic, for Sentinel, with Lehane staff banned and Copper player banned, you probably want to pick up Owen, Dayton, Miranda, Melvin, Aurelia, and Rebecca. All are good in half and whole. If you're running Mono you'll want Coby, John, and Rick.

Lots of folks believe in Tobbie, but to be honest I don't. SoA is fairly common, and if you're up against a clan with strong Attack manipulation like Uppers, Rescue, or Montana (all of you whom are pretty common in ELO now), you're on the wrong end of Tobbie's ability.

You might want Zhang and Malla in your collection to help head off SoA. SoA is pretty damaging to Sentinel, so working one into a deck can help give you some teeth against GHEIST and Roots.

Good luck.


lol sorry i pressed send really fast. im using junta without emeth smiley

saturday 14/08/2010

I think this idea is decent all stars and pirahnas
any suggestions? and please rate and comment. im not very pro but uh yeh haha smiley

thanks guys

This deck is pretty goodsmileysmiley

friday 13/08/2010


Only my 2nd week, but after a very tough week playing Rescue, I finally broke 1200 (So much harder without reliable SoA or SoB0

If you still need help I can show you some styles and techniques. Just pm me.

I like mono Ulu Watu


The arrival of the Vortex has provided the greedy Uppers with an unprecedented opportunity to wipe out those clans which are deemed too poor to justify their existence in society. Seizing the opportunity, the Uppers quickly extended their hands (and pocketbooks) to the Vortex in an attempt to ally themselves with the new and powerful faction. The Vortex, realizing their need for resources and information regarding Clint City, accepted the offer and an alliance between the two clans formed. The truth of the matter, however, is that each clan plans on betraying the other once the other clans have been dealt with and Clint City is open to a quick and easy take over. Thus, Glenn commands the finest and most distinguished celebrities from the ranks of the Uppers, while Dagg and his personal bounty hunters, Deea and Neloe, lead a horde of violent C Wings into battle. The fate of Clint City has been sealed.

Hi guys, here's a quick link to my latest ELO deck. Let me know what you think! smiley

thursday 12/08/2010

"I think there has been enough talk."

Good point. I'll close this for now and set up an event over the next few days. Once we've done some testing we can get some proper feedback on the idea.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the thread.

As everyone is aware, new bans have happened. And i imagine that bannings will continue. The combination of staff bans and player bans should see some changes in deck and clan options. If this continues, the importance of collecting as many of the clans as possible and being experienced in playing each clan will continue to increase.

selling and buying a new ELO deck each week becomes more of a chore if the bans are constantly rotated.
So the solution is to collect and play

Play as many different clans and clan combinations that you existing collection allows (use Survivor ELO if you want to protect your current ELO score)

There is no replacement for experience. You may understand the bonus/ability of a card or clan. You may have played against a given card/clan and are quite familiar with it. You may have read the card reviews. You may have imagined different scenarios on how the card would combo with other card. But nothing replaces the experience you will have when using that card and going through all the thought process.... if i play this first, he will counter with this, or i want to play this card but i need to make sure it avoids being matched up vs a certain opponents card... and so on.

For example, ive played vs Vortex a few times, i understand the bonus, i understand the abilities, but ive never played a votex half deck or full deck yet. As a result my understanding of Vortex and how they actually work is a bit limited. So although i can do well vs decks with vortex. im sure i would do better if i played vortex.

When you play the certain deck/card it allows you to have first hand experience of what specific matchups they are strong against, and what specific matchups they will struggle against. The better you are with a given deck, the better you will be at facing and beating the same deck.

And finally, once you are familiar and quite good a using the clans that are in your collection... the better prepared you will be a putting together good ELO decks regardless of what cards/clans are allowed... and you will be able to beat a lot of players who are not as prepared as you are.


I've actually seen other fang pi users this week. it's nice to see that. most of the weeks i feel i'm the only one in the game sporting a marlysa cr

any thoughts?

apart from kuei for kerrozin.. i find kuei much more fit in my playstyle

Pussycats are a bit short handed....

but running low star half deck of muse ella brittany and svelthlana 1* 17 more stars to spend on some heavy hitters.

or you could use Louise over Svelthlana and still have 13 more stars for Petra Murray Wakai/Naboh and Jautya

Thx guys that clearts up ALOT of confusion and fixes those rediculous losses.. my ELO rating & I both thank you.

Doing bettr this week guys.. thanks for the tips. My highest so far was 1303 or something like that. Hovering aroudn hte 1250 mark currently.

Read the meta game. What clans are you running into the most post 1300e? For example, if you're seeing a lot of rescue it might be an idea to try an SoB clan.

Post 1300 you're down to three main things I find:

How well you read the meta game.
Your raw ability with the game.
Luck of the draw.

There's no one deck or combination that will constantly get you to 1400e.

St3f im at 1315... you can just check my account

wednesday 11/08/2010

I started playing in May on my iphone but have recently started reading some of the boards online. I reached 1247 ELO in my 1st week and 1300+ a few times already. I'm curious about the guilds, but not sure if I'm ready to join one yet.

I don't know if this is the right forum for this type of introduction but I figured I'd test it out.

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