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thursday 26/08/2010

Don't worry you're not the only one having a hard time this week. My All-Stars/Jungo can barely stay above 1000 this week even though I got to 1100 last week.

Now at 1235

Fei's Femmes

I'm running this but I feel like there should be something better here. I got access to any FPC other than Lao CR and all useful Pussy Cats.

wednesday 25/08/2010

I doubt it, I'm sure the penalty bans have another tag associated with them in the coding to figure that out. A separate list would be awesome for the cards that don't incur penalties.

I haven't actually played La Junta but I would think that replacing Masamu with Nahomi would be a positive change. I'd also find room for Thormund.


thats the deck im using for elo atm, i just wanted to hear what people think, any way of improving it?
anyone else using montana, and if you are, how are you doing?

I now have Kerozinn cr, Elya cr, Marlysa cr and Seldnor cr. I'm told you can do well in ELO with FPC if you have the cards. I got the cards now what do I do with them? Can anyone direct me to a good preset for them? I also have all Piranas and Freaks (minus the crappy crs).

Yeah, SoA completely neuters Sentinel. Half the characters have pitful power against SoA, the others can even deal more than a point or two of damage.

They really need an overhaul as a clan. More Stop cards might help, but really that's just a bandaid.

Yup i agree with GioYNWA.... easily make several 1300 decks with the cards listed here.

@saivior - yup if you are looking to make mono decks on a budget with the bans.... good luck. you will be in for a longer week. much better off playing split decks using the best of the competitive clans that are affordable from 2 clans

tuesday 24/08/2010


post comments in link ty smiley


Player wants to buy Corvus, he will make a new thread

Dont mind my first comment it was wrong sorry here is the right on http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1463202&list

Here: deleted

Basically what lyss said.

If you want a balanced AS, the general half-deck is Jessie, Randy, Stacey, and either Oyoh or El Gringo for nuking. If you want to save space, Jessie, Randy, Stacey, and Kang make a great 9* half-deck, but it's a bit unbalanced. Ashley is always an option for DR as well.

Here it is

Just like with my last ELO poll simply vote for what you think is the most played clan this week.

Link: http://poll.pollcode.com/lUij

You can vote on the poll once a day and you can see the results here:


This week? I haven't a clue to be fair. I played 3 games this week (failed...) all against vortex hands (considering dagg is gone...).

maybe piranas but I need to play for ELO to know truly...

Originally I started playing Elo because I was sick and tired of seeing Jackie.

monday 23/08/2010

If Sphaghi is available, Sharon is even better than ottavia, but without the 2* DR, you might want Ottavia for a DR.

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