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tuesday 24/08/2010


Player wants to buy Corvus, he will make a new thread

Dont mind my first comment it was wrong sorry here is the right on http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1463202&list

Here: deleted

Basically what lyss said.

If you want a balanced AS, the general half-deck is Jessie, Randy, Stacey, and either Oyoh or El Gringo for nuking. If you want to save space, Jessie, Randy, Stacey, and Kang make a great 9* half-deck, but it's a bit unbalanced. Ashley is always an option for DR as well.

Here it is

Just like with my last ELO poll simply vote for what you think is the most played clan this week.

Link: http://poll.pollcode.com/lUij

You can vote on the poll once a day and you can see the results here:


This week? I haven't a clue to be fair. I played 3 games this week (failed...) all against vortex hands (considering dagg is gone...).

maybe piranas but I need to play for ELO to know truly...

Originally I started playing Elo because I was sick and tired of seeing Jackie.

monday 23/08/2010

If Sphaghi is available, Sharon is even better than ottavia, but without the 2* DR, you might want Ottavia for a DR.

Those switched worked really wel!l gatline was more solid than trish sometimes but wow bryan got banned so i switched him with trish and switched wardog with bruce

sunday 22/08/2010

deleted Nightmare is definitely re-ignited thanks to the collapse of the absolute staples of piranas. now piranas have become a much trickier clan to play with in ELO after smokey hawkins and dalhia gone. sure it leaves options like tula ulrich and bloodh but none of these fit the style i like to play. anyways hope you like this new deck, please comment and rate, and thanks to all who have already done so with my previous decks.

thanks mods

For event i know i'm in it but go emeth if u can afford him

saturday 21/08/2010

K thanks smiley i'll try vortex smiley

Very nice combo! smiley
Although I would change Cyb Lhia to Neloe, Kenny to Pan and Glorg --> Nistarok. Good luck smiley

The only staple missing is Smokey Cr and yeah they're great in elo

Is it Sunday? I'm on US Central Time (UTC -6).

I like the first one better. I think having Grudj, Olga, Baldovino, and Bogdan in the same deck is awesome, and along with Murray you have five 8 power guys, so even against SoA or SoB decks, you are strong.

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