wednesday 14/10/2009

Ok... 600 you'll just pay 1000 clints...smiley
reminder.. i'll take out the skeelz cards that i have posted..

Please close mods

And he will also throw in a free avatar!!! smileysmileysmileysmiley

Check out this website, where there are custom made avatars that are added in the trade, so everyone you see here AND a FREE custom avatar for a Tanaerva


Mods can u plz close this?

Im not looking for ALL those cards, just a few

tuesday 13/10/2009

Am willing ot give whole preset for him. No stupid offers and pm me if your interested

Will trade for tanaevera plus about 500 clintz


I have the Chikko CR, and the Beverly

Still Looking for the Others

I'm looking to buy Charlie for 8k.

Please message me and let me know if you have one for sale.

Hi people i am new =) i need cheap cards but i dont have anough money to buy it ;(
I need Aurelia and Luis.
If you want to help a new player just sent me a private sale for 50 clints each card.

One jackie one zatman and 7200 clints ... i have no more clints or crads ... PLease !!!

I would trade Damian and 2 Terry cr for Kolos

I want to trade with anyone for a Vickie Cr so if you got a Vickie Cr then lets talk out a deal please cause I need one

IF U GO UP TO 5700

I'm looking for a gibson card at lvl. 1 willing to negotiate price and if any body has any other junkz they want to sell then look me up

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