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wednesday 24/10/2007

You know what's the weirdest?The fact that sometimes it takes a lot to timeout...last night I waited for about 6 minutes for a guy to timeout...another one just waited until the end and surrendered...in a tourney these ppl are a pest :/ I think the timeout limit should be something like 1-2 minutes,not more.And no matter even if he does something he should still get kicked for waisting time.I tried to see how long it takes to lose by timeout and went to the bathroom.When I was back it was still my turn and I played the game till the end...how come this happens?Oh and Soccerboy31 :\ I think that if you want to play some card game with attack and deffence,you should probably try Yu-Gi-Oh smiley or MTG...why not WoW TCG?There are so many card games that you can play other than this one.If you don't like the way this game is played,don't play it.

monday 22/10/2007

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Then lets have 2 tournaments, 1 for newbies and 1 for the ones who been there longer......i know there is ELO, but its more fun in the fast and short tournaments......

saturday 20/10/2007

How do you make a tournament and how you you get chosensmiley

I have played old with crooz in Danger zone and I crushed him smileysmileysmiley

friday 19/10/2007

You can go here: http://kirlad.no-ip.com/juegos/urban-rivals/

Ummmm wow

thursday 18/10/2007

This board Tournaments and events"

Yup, you will still be a part of the tourni but the next time you play, you can only enter the designated room for you, GG's! smiley
There used to be a glitch in the system where if you save the Fight page in your Favorites you can re-enter the "Nooby Safe room" even if you have passed the level requirement, I tried it out for a while back then, wakoko! smiley
But it has been fixed now so that once you leave, you can only enter the right room. smiley

wednesday 17/10/2007

Who knows....maybe he wants you to send in a bunch of cards that sell for 60+ to kate or whoever and just sell them and buy more cards for 50 clintz.....but who cares honestly.........what about those of us who can't do private sales? how do we participate?

friday 12/10/2007

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What are they for? : Well they promote camaraderie among the players and help them hone their skills.

Can you allow only certain people involved? : Well yes if you are the organizer you can choose who will participate. It your talking about Daily Tournaments everybody can join them as long as your playing in the proper room and on the proper time.

How do you award prizes for the winners of said tournaments? :They put the cards in your private sell and you have to buy them for 50 clintz. For Daily Tournament prizes are awarded automatically.

Can the creator join in the tournament?: Yes

Can just anyone create a tournament?: Yes anyone who has resources can.

thursday 11/10/2007

LOL ... view etcha's profile first before u take any actions..haha

etcha... hahahahaha....
im sorry but your username, it makes me laugh..LOL

goodluck to all..

tuesday 09/10/2007

Ok people i had some problems with my acountsmiley( it was stollen and all my messages have beeen deleted please pm me again who want to join i`m hapy i got my password back....smiley

How about lower?

sunday 07/10/2007

I want to make tournament,but i need some help.i dont have much cards but for now i have leviatonn,vladimir,dr saw....

if you want to help me plz donate some card and yoin our tournament...


rules:25 stars,no doubles,no soleils...

p.s.send me deck if you are in....


Can the admins please close this topic. Thank You

friday 05/10/2007

Pierce, he's saying, athat before they nerfed EVO during a tournament, people would get full points for that card leveling.
just like before they nerfed the KO bonus, people would be getting an extra 30 points per battle just from not using any pillz for a KO.
so, if you had all level 4 cards nearly level 5, each one would give their points when they level, which is 40 now, i don't know what it was then...
so back in the day... you'd see people with Battle points... Over Nine Thousand!!!...

thursday 04/10/2007

Isn't that what he just ask? o.O

wednesday 26/09/2007

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Well you can never have too many tournaments going on, why not check some of the other tournament posts in this section and use them as a guide line to set up your tournamet. Or if you are just looking to enter a tournament once again all you have to do is check some ones posts, I'm sure there are a few tournaments who need a few more members.

monday 17/09/2007

?e je gdo slovenc je naj boljšismiley

monday 10/09/2007

Did this tourney start yet...sum PM me

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