friday 02/10/2009

Melvin will probably stay there for about a month... Giving if, someone doesn't find a winning deck in ELO with him involved...

This is what i will offer
i will offer the whole leaders clan : for reine cr or ombre cr
for jim cr i will offer : vholt and morphun( if theyr not sold in the reine trade)
for manon cr: the whole collection without crs and pussycats but ill add alec cr 0xp terry 0xp and chikko full

thanks mods

3000 clintz

1050 for shogunn only

Looking for a Graksmxxt, am willing to trade for it.

Offering 15 -17 k

thursday 01/10/2009

I have allison, mario, bhudd, el gringo, and randy. PM on how to trade.

Lol I bet he would offer you 1 cli0nt smiley smiley

This is very funny, 2 accounts to put up all the act? I mean like a lv 5, Novice, no stars with so ever have the guts and 48k to buy it. Very believeablesmiley

Close please

Thx! But Tell Me, Do U Want To Do The Trade¿?

I buy more than
PM for offers,please!
Thanks modsmiley

Just need Ongh to finish off my jungo deck. I have 15900 clintz to offer for him, thats all there is to it. Thanks modssmiley

How much would u sell deadeye for?

Pm me
full or not makes no difference

I sell a stock of 50 4* 0xp.

the cards are:
Nina Winifred Mort Bax Candy Jack Kristin Jeyn Ninja Nyne Tshern Venus Malia Zdrone Greem Coraille Razor Jody Zlatar

Send me a PM with your offert knowing that i would like to sell them for 350 each (17500 for the stock)

Guys Vermyn N is worth 8000-9000 clintz most of the offers r like half that price

Trading 1 Vickie Cr for 2 Alec Cr. 0XP vs. 0XP, full vs full. No fillers in either direction, non-negotiable trade. Up to 41 Vickie available. Bulk exchanges welcome.

You can put the Alec in my private sales and I'll send the Vickie(s) to you as soon as I'm online to buy them. If you're uncomfortable trading without some personal contact, you can send me a PM. I _will not_ respond to any message asking to trade for Vickie with cards other than Alec unless the deal is spectacular.

Yo close this kind mods i done done my business. thx big homies

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