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thursday 31/01/2008

@Nude: You're right about this being a complaining session, but at the same time, complaining IS the event. Where else would this thread be more appropriatly placed? Surely not in the Strategy and Tactics heading.

wednesday 30/01/2008

Note, kooler43 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I think u've been playin in lost warehousesmiley

Wow text basing this game is kinda pointless and tedious. I wouldn't plan on prizes through a text based tourny. Also, how do you know that people are not lying about the cards they have lol

tuesday 29/01/2008

Well you need to have the elo format

sunday 27/01/2008

Note: These Pairings are for FULL Pods only. Since I have extended registration, I'll be waiting for other pods to fill up before I start them. Note due to this you may be active in some pods and not others. All pods that do not have sufficient players by Jan 31st, will start on Feb 3 regardless of the number of people.

There is a change here, you will have 1 Week to play, because I want to keep things slowed down. So all games must be reported by Feb 2nd, 2008, Midnight PST (GMT -smiley. Pairings will be posted again on Feb 3rd.


Dailies Pod 1:
DMOC vs Packerfan007
Daexen WMD vs PanzerElement
DreDre2010 vs Shadowfalcon

ELO Pod 1:

OVMan LOA vs Iron Vamp loa
Captain Kronos vs Littletk WMD
Daddy Strauss vs Phyllyp LOA
Daexen WMD vs RG365 LoA

Monoclan Pod 1:

OVman LOA (Nightmare) vs 0ET-Jade (Uppers)
Broken Dreamz (Nightmare) vs Phyllyp LoA (Nightmare)
DMOC (Ulu Watu) vs RG365 LoA (Uppers)
Daexen WMD (Junkz) vs Vanter (All Stars)


Dailies Pod 1
0 Wiivja vs cpb_martan
CBP_Fojtik vs ggkogkal
O_CaUILFLOWER vs gogalis
Tanto89 vs orbnt

ELO Pod1:
Requires 1 more player to begin.
Postponed until Feb 3rd

Monoclan Pod2:
Requires 2 more players to begin.
Postponed until Feb 3rd

Good Luck everyone!

saturday 26/01/2008

Looking forward to your next move

friday 25/01/2008

17) Do NOT change your user ID after registering for the tournament until you are out of the tournament or it ends whichever comes first. I have you registered under a certain name. If I or your opponent cannot find you, it's just going to end up in you being DQed for not playing your opponent.


thursday 24/01/2008

I have sent a message to a moderator. Slovenia's highest lvl person is 35.
Why not us, level 20's?

tuesday 22/01/2008

see this, he is a rare!!!!!!!

How did you guys get that?

friday 18/01/2008

Why is my name there? ehehsmiley

thursday 17/01/2008

Dont like the stars but the rest is ok not spektakular but good

wednesday 09/01/2008

That happens to me from time to time and i just have to restart internet explorer and it works again

tuesday 08/01/2008

Rescue very annoying but good to use spend loads of money on gheist and nightmare and it will be a walk in the park

Thank you I never thought I will be considered as third. Thank you.

thursday 03/01/2008

Happy new year! Play fair, all!

wednesday 02/01/2008

Happy new year

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