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tuesday 19/06/2012

Kristin, Baba and even Spycee can shut most things down.

Speaking of pagents, I'll be starting the Mr. Clint City one early July.

monday 18/06/2012

Mayby you could try the freaks, excellent bluffers, with some high dmg or +life cards on the other half deck
or this deck: ice cold ladie Kalindra ELO

sunday 17/06/2012

Damage = opp damage always copy the basic number printed on the card, before any modification
so if you have la junta VS 4 damage card, and your opp has +3 damage (shogunn) you will only copy 4 damage, not 7 damage
the same applies with copy opp bonus too

as you can see, you will only copy 4 damage and +2 damage from la junta bonus which makes you have 6 damage
your opp will have 4 damage +2 damage from copy opp bonus which also makes them have 6 damage

Moon Steevens could be 25 and if Charlie had her when she was 18 Charlie would be late 30s but i suspect shes early - mid 40s.

I wouldn't sell to Kate you get really bad deals. Keep the cards intill you buy credits.

I think if you get credits from one of the free credit providers it unlocks the market but i might be wrong. If i am wrong then you have to buy credits. (andy ammount will do and only once).

1) This could take up too much server space to be doable.

2) There is each. Posts have a link to a RSS feed. (Ornage box next to thread title).

3) I don't think this would work as ELO would turn into the person with the most clintz to buy the big 5 beat everyone.

Uppers, they are just awesome. I have won most of my games playing with them. Z...Z...Z...ZATMAN!!!!!

"Did anyone else who tried Crowdflower experience this problem?"

Ive done quite a few of them ... The tasks are programmed separately and there are sometimes tasks that have totally flawed programming, thus they can bug out. My recommendation is simply to quit those tasks once they start behaving badly and try something else.

Same thing with tasks that are too tedious (for example find 200 adresses from huge pageset in internet...) and some have way too strict rules to be done efficiently. Skip those too. Usually when they dont find people to do the task or the answers are wrong (only the stupid people attend) they ease the workload later.

There are lots of times when CF has nothing but bull**** available. At those times my best advice is: do not participate. Your time and effort is better used even in UR just playing the missions smiley

Best opening move is 0-3 pillz, unless using Freaks/Greem/the like.
3 pillz max guarantee's that if they pill nothing, your not at a massive disadv.

The other thing I only just worked out is that this whole game is based on probabilities. The entire aim of the game is to get your probability of winning to increase above 50% each round. In my experience 0-3 pillz maximises this chance especially with solid attack manipulation

As for your deck Sayura is probs the best opener...with I think the only attack manip in Fang PI, she acts as an annoying pill wall with solid damage back up...the perfect bluff!!

saturday 16/06/2012

I rate this "Rating on the new releases" a rating of 4 out of 10 because its rating is incorrect.

Along with the Uppers, Roots have never been given an official leader. (Unless you count the official comic for the Uppers'.) The Roots do not have a leader because they are mainly made up of hippies and anarchists, who are against leadership or organization of any kind, which explains the Roots' philosophy and their hatred of the government.

friday 15/06/2012

Best of the clans
All Stars: Jessie
Bangers: Graff
Berzerk: Melanie
Fang PI: Kusuri (Yep better than Marlysa Cr for me since she's the only decent defender they have)
Freaks: Esmeralda
Ghiest: Arkn
Jungo: Pegh
Junkz: Gil
Junta: Thormund
Montana: Spiaghi
Nightmare: Artus
Piranas: Bonnie Ld
PC: Lucy
Rescue: Lea
Roots: Arno
Sakrohm: Aliester
Sentinel: Klaus JOKES Lehane
Skeelz: Sasha
Ulu: Gabrielle
Uppers: Wendel
Vortex: Cyb Lhia

Best overall:
1. Lehane
2. Gil
3. Bonnie Ld

Notice that alot of strong 2* have SOB or solid game swinging abilities (pill manip)

I dont recommend investing in CR's cuz UR is very sneaky with their CR choices. I say first find some nice budget decks and try out different clans, mono, half, splashes, etc, and then create ur own play style (aggresive, safe, etc.). Then, learn how to make ur own deck. Learn about the different game modes, like how to play in each game mode. Then grow ur collection, keep learning, etc.

I suggest (nightmare/vortex half)
Dregn, X-0DUS, C-Beast, Shakkarti, Kolos, Glorg, Ghumbo, Ambre
Dregn, X-0DUS, C-beast/shakkarti, kolos, nistarok, glorg, ghumbo, ambre
Kenny's 6 power unsupported isnt good enough imo even if he has huge life gap. Krung's 4 dmg isnt good enough either. Splashes are mostly for mono decks, dont splash in half decks, unless it's ambre/morphun.

thursday 14/06/2012

I brought Splata Cr for 112K a few years ago and now look at him

It's fine I stop playing for a while and I came back right when Krazen LD came out and I had the same issue.

wednesday 13/06/2012

Woodxsxttttttxxsxtstxst best in mono, by far.

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