monday 28/09/2009

I've got selsya cr 0xp and looking for around 5k from you with the maxed selsya cr

right now market shows:
At level 1: 68 286 Clintz / 5 947 053 Clintz / 10 000 000 Clintz
At level 2: 59 900 Clintz / 8 192 160 Clintz / 100 000 000 Clintz

also i've got sigmund cr 0xp which i'm looking for about 14k to go along with the maxed version

At level 1: 245 000 Clintz / 250 999 Clintz / 265 000 Clintz
At level 3: 10 000 000 Clintz / 10 000 000 Clintz / 10 000 000 Clintz
At level 4: 230 000 Clintz / 18 623 983 Clintz / 100 000 000 Clintz

Most of them are full , and trading them all to 1 person only.

Close this now plz. smiley

Mod close this please...

Ok current offer
1x terry cr no exp and 1 terry cr full
and one ratanah 0exp
and one scubb full

Anyone with big decks willing to sell off doubles for 50 clintz? New player here and just want to start building up my collection (im not the tourney kind). Thanks in advance and happy playing.

I got zeke (maxxed and redra (maxxed) pm me for trade


i can only sell on at time but i promise to sell

Close post please

I need a ghumbo cheap

Will Trade Charlie 0xp for cr or other cards

sunday 27/09/2009

Slyth. prices are negotiable, pm me.smiley

Hi, I have a Splata Cr up for trade today, he also have his friends and they are Mona, and Coby, I would like to trade these 3 cards(Coby, Mona, Splata Cr) for Lamar Cr, thanks for reading smiley

Sigmund Cr max for trade also

Selling terry 4.9k-7,000 clintz

Pm me prices plz buy smiley

Mods close plz

Lol..and even at that price they are a pretty big rip off as it pretty much costs 180 for 10xp...whereas you can get 0xp timbers which cost 300 for 100xp...

Close please

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