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monday 11/06/2012

Under your profile check your settings, make sure you have chosen non random. This makes the highest attack always win.

But, even if you are playing random, which doesn't guarantee highest attack win, I thought it was a guaranteed win if your attack were more than double your opp?

So if your attack was 42 to 8, and you lost, it could have been a glitch

sunday 10/06/2012


They have always been the best clan in UR. smiley

saturday 09/06/2012

@about4turtles: oops sorry I read the date wrong its not a necro smiley

To sell cards you need to buy some credits first (any ammount will do and you only need to do it once).

If you have you can sell characters by going to your collection or collection pro and clicking sell this character (you have to allways have at least 8 cards in your deck at all times).

The 4 characters which appear in a fight is a random selection of 4 from you deck. You can control who you get in your hand but you can select the 8 characters for you deck.

@legueprof: you don't need to use a montana card for that mission, a damage reducer from any clan will do... even the pussycats clan bonus is good! smiley

friday 08/06/2012

I heard Pr (Promo-)Cards are the new go-to for insane investments.

If the player is more skillful than you the game gives the opponent the match by default.

thursday 07/06/2012

You can send suggestions to Urban Rivals by clicking on the green ? in the top right hand corner of the page. There should then be an option to send suggestions in the drop down box on the message page.

@Lagustic: Thats probally not a bug. Your are most likely playing in random mode. CLick on your user name and then click the "Click here to change your account details and preferences" link. Scroll down and you should see a box which allows you to change to non-random mode.

Oh thanks a lot guys.smiley

wednesday 06/06/2012

Oh, my. That deck looks nice. Thanks for helping me out.

tuesday 05/06/2012

All l needed to know, so he can be easily countered from what l hear

monday 04/06/2012

I love the all stars but they are so.... one dimmensioned.
Their main strength is having a decent power and adjusting the playing field using attack and power manipulation. I think they could use some cool new cards, the only thing is no one appreciates them and thinks All stars need more power houses!
For example: Quinn Powerhouse considered good, Davina considered bad and weak, Sigurd a cool damage and attack manip not considered very good, Loretta has an awesome heal and good stats yet considered bad, Stacey per power considered good.

sunday 03/06/2012

As others have said, there's ELO and Survivor modes, which you've barely touched at all.

Or perhaps you could improve your gameplay, and increase your win rate to 40%. You only need 51 straight wins to do that.

saturday 02/06/2012

I like your pic lol its greatsmiley

Stop using your necromancer powers. it costs a lot of mp. pleace close smiley

friday 01/06/2012

Necromancer powers summon! Please close

wednesday 30/05/2012

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This is the e-mail address I believe you could contact: artist@urban-rivals.com
Hope this helps.

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