tuesday 14/02/2012

"The fights are not recorded in your fights/wins/defeats statistics" But i think leaving a fight or timeing out still affects you fair play rateing. (though i might be wrong).


this is the deck, http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2192719

Any comments appreciated
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monday 13/02/2012

Well, if you want to win DTs you have 2 choices:

Either go for a low star deck (18~21) stars which is impossible to do in mono as no clans have that many good 2* and 3*. If you search the tournament forums there have been quite a few 18* decks posted recently.

Go for a 2HKO deck which again is harder to achieve in mono. Especially with Montana as they tend to have low damage. Just choose a deck with no DR, poison, heal, +life.

For DM you really should go for a 2HKO deck.

Alternatively, try one of the surveys at the Shop (it's under Free credits) but not all of them work though, at least for my country.

sunday 12/02/2012

I smell something fishy

New cards always reach a low point a few weeks after release. If you're lucky, you can earn several times the clintz you invested if you sell them off when they are no longer in the New Bloods pack. This doesn't apply to all cards though.

prince jr

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You cannot sell any card when you haven't made any purchase.
How to unlock the market, purchase credits or try free credit offers

on your part, play DT's --> you win credit and clintz
ELO--> win credits and clintz every week
Survivor--> Win credits and clintz after a day(if reached top 10)

look here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2045824&subject_page=0#answers

Bob Joby is still probably gonna beat a card like massiv or massiv, unless your opponent puts more than 4 pillz on him for some reason...

And if you run an Uppers deck with Bob Job and Gina Glitt in fight club, it's surprisingly easy to T2KO with him...smiley

Thx for the tips. At the moment I'm trying to get Harrow and Sylvia, so it's rather annoying that I have to do type 2 fights with specific cards to get them.

Perhaps it's your playstyle that's wrong? Piranas aren't about raw power and creating massive life gaps – they're about always being a step ahead. Many of the games I've won as Piranas in ELO have ended with something like 14-2 where I won every single round due to pill manipulation and that sweet, sweet SOB.

saturday 11/02/2012

I'd recommend Nistarock......he's a total ass to face with poison and you'll win a lot of battles with him too

friday 10/02/2012

I'd say the one that throws off my calculations the most is morphun because I think I have saved enough pills, and then suddenly realize that I'm down 2 pills smiley

thursday 09/02/2012

Usally gains come befor losses unless the loss kp's you. The the higher minimum comes befor the lower minimum like xienwolf said.

wednesday 08/02/2012

Wouldn't it be easier to show two examples in video form? Seriously?
How to use courage the WRONG way: Show a player using their aktara (or katja, whatever) after the opp plays his card (Show it happening in every single round, just so ppl can get it)
How to use courage the RIGHT way: Show a player using their aktara or katja before the opp plays his card. Again, show it in every single round.
1984, if you're reading this, here's something to do when you get bored smiley

No they don't because they have better base power than gheist. Barring stupid pill playing, a roots user will beat a gheist user more often than not.
And who uses mini mund anyways?

For Elo, it depends on the cards that are unbanned, for example if Spyke were to be released, there will be lots of Berzerk in Elo. Likewise, since this week Olga and Bogdan aren't on the banlist, Freaks will be quite common in the top tier of Elo as well. Last week there were lots of Sentinel and Freaks, but due to the ban of Havok for this week, the Sentinel population will be reduced smiley

But bans aside, the more commonly played clans are Gheist, Montana, Freaks, Rescue, All Stars, Junkz, Nightmare.

It dosn't work on my psp but i havent been able to try it on my 3DS as my wireless routers broke lol.

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