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thursday 12/08/2010

Thx guys that clearts up ALOT of confusion and fixes those rediculous losses.. my ELO rating & I both thank you.

Doing bettr this week guys.. thanks for the tips. My highest so far was 1303 or something like that. Hovering aroudn hte 1250 mark currently.

Read the meta game. What clans are you running into the most post 1300e? For example, if you're seeing a lot of rescue it might be an idea to try an SoB clan.

Post 1300 you're down to three main things I find:

How well you read the meta game.
Your raw ability with the game.
Luck of the draw.

There's no one deck or combination that will constantly get you to 1400e.

St3f im at 1315... you can just check my account

wednesday 11/08/2010

I started playing in May on my iphone but have recently started reading some of the boards online. I reached 1247 ELO in my 1st week and 1300+ a few times already. I'm curious about the guilds, but not sure if I'm ready to join one yet.

I don't know if this is the right forum for this type of introduction but I figured I'd test it out.

Id spend the clintz on Gil and Rowdy... it will allow you to play much much more deck possibilities (beyond ELO and even within ELO if they are unbanned) since you could run mono-Junks or Junks/any other clan you want

Emeth on the other hand means you play mono-Junta. In half deck Junta Naginata is usually a better choice.

Andsom = > Katan for the new elo, imo.

Ok so I have been running several decks for the past couple of weeks.
The One I am working with currently is a sakrohm deck

I ran the pirates for a little while with no success.

1368 Elo smiley
I have run jungo mostly this week with fairly decent results. I hit about 1150 before falling back, and I could see getting some luck together and hitting the 1200 ish area with that deck.

I usually try to prevent second turn ko's if I lose on the first turn, but I'm curious if I should not do that and just slightly pill so if the opp doesn't go for the 2hko I have better pills than I might have if I went balls out, and if I lose then Maybe use a lowish star card for the fall? would that decrease the elo I lose for the fail : ) ?

Anyway which of the decks looks best to you guys and what would you change. THANKS!
Thanks mods for posting : )

tuesday 10/08/2010

monday 09/08/2010

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Dunno, but they took them off. Besides for Hawkins, Jessie and Bristone, who apparently will be free next week, given the players don't catch them.

I did try them i didnt like um

The most obvious switch is Thormund in for Winston. Thormund is practically a must in mono-La Junta, and winning the round will block a lot more than 3 damage min 3. Also, Winston's 6 power without manipulation is just too low to scare anyone.

Other than that, your deck looks pretty solid. Pay attention to the decks you're facing. Heavy damage decks suggest the introduction of Jane Ramba for a bit of DR (probably for Bruce, who's basically just a Wardog plus one damage after all). If you're meeting a lot of SOA, consider replacing Trish with Nahomi. Or you might want to mix it up with Archibald if pillz manipulation is your style.

With the relative weakness of SOA clans, there seem to be quite a few decks with strong abilities running around (Jungo, La Junta, Freaks, etc). Alternatively, extra damage never hurts for Montana. I suggest one of Vito/Donnie and one of Simon/Milovan (yes, Simon, he's much more useful these days).

How's this look?

Greesh is an awful card, Puddin. He absolutely cannot stand up in Elo mode. Andsom fares a lot better, but if you can avoid him it might be best.

To the OP:
Why the imbalance? 4/4 is much more efificent than 5/3.

IMO, change
sting to Selma
Katan to Scorpica
Ronald to Niva
Borss to Pegh or Mindy

How'd you get to lv 40 and not play Elo yet? Lol

I've practiced gehist roots and piranhas my whole UR "career" and im practically no good with any other clan so itll be harder until i can adjust smiley but im starting to like freakssmiley

Life gap then aok. lif manip, throw in uranus to make sure ur opp doesn't close the gap

I just made this and went 3-0 it works quite well
New DR splash?

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