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thursday 05/08/2010

If your looking for a mono SOB deck then I suggest following shadowcouncil's advice on the deck he posted above. If your looking for a good SOA and SOB then for this week I would suggest using a Gheist / Nightmare combo. That is if your wiling to use two clans in a deck. There is already a Gheist / Nightmare thread going on so look there if your interested.

I'm currently using
Imaginary Enemy

and from the looks of how elo will be the next few weeks at least I'm probably going to be sticking to this deck for awhile.

wednesday 04/08/2010

Let know if it was helpful

Assignment From the Boss


Not my deck since there is no spagitti i replace with pino 1 star http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1426922&list

They made my main ELO deck banned and the whole week I have been using everything then I finally realised the whole time I could've changed it slightly -
New School Bangers/Roots ELO

I used to have a really bad Junks/Montana deck that I made with my starting deck and 3000 Clintz. I was pretty nice and I was able to get to the 150ish position on DTs with some efford and 1150 ELO.

But then I decided to move up one level and bought some cards and made a Fang Pi Clang / Montana Deck that was absolutely useless with Linda / Chan / Kati / Windy Mor being the FPC half and Rosa / Sharon / Simon / Spiaghi being the Montana Half.

Now that Spiagh is banned, and this deck was even worse.

Now I had those ideas of deck and I would like to see if it was possible to someone more experienced to tell me witch combination would be better before i start to buy them.

The Freak Half: 13* for 6.5k

4* Grudj
2* Hula
4* Wolfgang
3* Olga

The ALL STAR half: 12* for 5.5k

4* Loma Noju
3* Robb
2* Stacey
3* Randy

The MONTANA half: 13* or 12* for 6.5k

4* Rosa
4* Edd
2* Prince Jr
For 13* = 3* Ottavia (to combine with All stars)
For 12* = 2* Friccanaso (to combine with freaks)

I have something around 15k to buy everything So I can buy any 8 cards of those to make a deck. But I can change for some other that you may sugest.

If you think I should use any other of combination, I`m open for suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

tuesday 03/08/2010

Closing this and opening a new thread with revised idea. Cheers all! smiley

I wish they add Avola in the ELO ban list.smiley


coments and green faces plssmiley

monday 02/08/2010

new deck i built for the new list ,check it out!!!


looking for rate and feedback. thank you mods

pleese commentssmiley

Please say what you think and ratesmiley

GHEIST are not down

sunday 01/08/2010

Theres absolutly nothing wrong with 0 pilling the first and/or second round, its a very effective tactic

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Hmmm ... Jay is way over my price range [maybe i ll never get to him ever if it goes on like this.] . As for Chiara , i ll most probably be subing it for Zeke . I used this built for first time in Elo 2day , and u wont believe how strong Milton is . It can kill so many very easily . Killed major threats like Kenny , Striker , Dahlia , the 4/5* that has 4power and 7 dmg with power reduction and more . As far as Dwan goes , she is a good card but yeah , she isnt doing the work of a 5 star . While its true my opponent will never know if i use it as a DR or for 6 dmg , her power is just 1 point lower than i'd like . I was thinking of w8ing for Tomas simply coz Jay is just too costly ATM.

So here are my questions ,
1. Should i save up for Jay [would take very very long] or just save up for Tomas / go for Aylen instead
2. The more i play , the more i m getting interested in getting a lv 2 deebler in for maybe Milton . [But its just that if i get Manfred and Deebler in same hand , one or the other will end up not using its ability.] Hmm maybe get Deebler after i get Jay for Manfred ??

Nyways , here is the final Deck i m thinking i will get after like a lotta grinding :

5* : Tomas / Aylen /Celeus [if celeus is ever Elo unbanned]
4* : Jay + Greem
3* : Sandro + Chiara
2* : Redra + Sasha + lv2 Deebler

just for verification . 1*5 + 2*4 + 2*3 + 3*2 = 5 + 8 + 6 +6 = 25

Uhm , Ny comments welcome

Another vortex preset helping me climb the elo ladder yet again. Try it out!!!

I call it deleted

deck fix and advice are welcome.

i haven't been making deck for long but i can decks that function and dont have many bad hands!
i make these presets in the hope to get as high as they can but i know this deck can go far!
The Inner Outter Feeling
so please rate and comment and tell me what you think smiley

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